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See You Next Week!

This is it!  I am packed and ready to go.  We have been talking about this trip to Vegas for so long, I can’t believe its finally here.  If you missed the original post, We are off to Vegas because Dave is opening for his good friend and mentor, Louie Anderson, for 3 nights!  Dave is such an effective and serious businessman, some might not know how funny he is or how much he loves to perform.  I am so excited for him! (And quite proud too!  🙂  )

Dave was Louie’s manager for a year and a half, and the two have remained close friends.  When Louie, who has a standing gig at the Excalibur in Vegas, told Dave he could open for him anytime, I told him he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. So in the midst of planning for a baby, buying a house, negotiating a couple of big deals for his company, and flying back and forth across the country, the poor man has been writing jokes and practicing late into the night.  I think its going to be great.  He’s ready!

My mom is flying out with us tomorrow and we will meet Dave’s parents and sister….as well as 27 friends and coworkers (including his company CEO!).  Everyone is coming out to see this!

I am so excited!  A little nervous about my energy levels though.  I think I will needs some naps!  🙂  I wake up feeling great, and since the first trimester has ended, my morning workouts have been great. But I still hit a slump in the late afternoons.  I am thinking an afternoon powernap will help me power through the evening performances.

Speaking of baby news, I made my appointment for the anatomy/gender ultrasound at my appointment yesterday….I am so excited to know!  May 6th.  Make sure to check back!  🙂  No ultrasound yesterday.  But I did get to hear the heartbeat again.  That doesn’t get old!  150 beats per minute.  Just right.  And the nurse pointed out all of the movements.  The doppler makes a “woosh, woosh” sound when the baby moves.  I kept thinking “kick harder, I can’t feel you!”   The nurse assured me I’d feel it soon.  🙂

In anticipation of lots of fun and indulging in Vegas, I’ve made some nice healthy meals this week.  Dinner last night was wonderful, and even better, Dave liked it!  It was a quinoa dish and had not one… not two… but three different vegetables.  And he liked it!  I mixed the quinoa with Laughing Cow cheese, and I think that helped.  Cheese makes everything better!

Dave’s dish was identical, except I added salmon to mine, and chicken to his.

I have my camera packed and look forward to sharing lots of pictures with you when I get back.  I also plan to record Dave’s act, so I will try to post the video as well.  Have a wonderful week everyone.  See you next Thursday!


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Chemistry and Cleaning

Chemistry and cleaning…those were my 2 goals for the day today.

I don’t like going away without cleaning beforehand.  Does anyone else feel this way???  Even though I am sure Jack and Rudy will have hair floating all about by the time we get back from Vegas, I just think about how bad it would be if I didn’t get up the hair and dust before leaving.  So the apartment is vacuumed: Check!  And dusted: Check!

Chemistry was next on the agenda.  I need to be caught up before we leave this weekend because as soon as we get back I need to start cramming for a big exam.  This material has my head spinning, so this is not going to be a friendly exam!  I got through the chapter assignment.  I won’t go so far as to say that I understand it all.  But I got through it.

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for all week.  I feel like I am living for each doctors appointment!  Tomorrow isn’t even a big one, but its an opportunity to hear our baby’s heartbeat and to know that the baby is still alive and well.  I also will be going over the result of the risk assessment with the doctor.  The nurse already told me over the phone that the baby is very low risk for all of the disorders they tested for.  But it will be nice to hear it from the doctor too.  🙂

Yesterday and today were so beautiful out!  It has me thinking about summer.  I was was in such a summery mood last night that I made a veggie burger with butternut squash fries.  There is something about burgers (or veggie burgers, for me!) that give me the feeling of summer.

I didn’t even grill it, but it got me thinking about grilling.  One of the things that Dave and I are looking forward to most in owning our own house is having a yard for grilling and for lying in the hammock!  We should be moved in in time for summer grillin’!

Time for my nighttime routine…. Jack is waiting for me.  Jack, the cat who snuggled with me all the time, but never sat on my lap, has been glued to my lap since about the 8th week of pregnancy.  I don’t know how he knows, but he must sense it!  I call him my Mother Hen, sitting on my belly incubating his baby!

Here I come, Jackie!

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Checking in :)

It’s been quite a few days since I’ve posted. I’m still here and all is well.  Just not a lot of weekend excitement to report. I spent the weekend studying and packing.  My final exam is done for my Dietetics class and I am almost packed for our trip to Vegas next weekend.  Not especially fun, but productive nonetheless.

A couple of exciting things I can reports:

1.  The house inspection is complete!  For the most part, the house is in great shape.  There is one issue we need the sellers to step up and take care of, but our broker seems confident that they will have to foot the bill.  I’m crossing all my fingers and toes!  After the inspection of the last house we wanted went so poorly, I’m a little nervous.

2.  I got the results of the risk assessment screening they ran on our baby.  The results tell you your risk of certain disorders, like Downs Syndrome.  If there is a high risk, parents can then decide to do more definitive testing like an amnio.  No need for us.  The risk was incredibly low.  I didn’t catch all of the numbers because I started tearing up as soon as the nurse said that everything looked good.  But I did hear her say that the risk for Downs was 1 in 50,000.  Those are pretty good odds in our favor!  🙂  I was in class when my phone rang, so I took the phone into the hall….I hadn’t been really worried about the test results because neither of us have any major genetic issues that we are aware of.  So I was surprised when tears sprang to my eyes.  I walked back into class trying to look like I hadn’t been crying!

Another highlight of the last couple of days… My best French Toast yet!  I don’t know what I did differently, but this was amazing!  My EnerG gluten-free bread, with my favorite combination: hot apples, pumpkin and raisins, mixed with cinnamon and sugar.

Dave had an afternoon meeting out of town, so he came home afterward to work from home.  Nice treat for me!  And for Jack…

This is what happens any time Dave tries to work from home and positions himself on the couch.  Jack sees it as an open invitation to join in.  Makes typing harder, but keeps the lap nice and warm!

I have butternut squash fries baking right now.  Best be going so they don’t burn.   🙂

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A Redo

So last night I tried to post… I finished it all and then: POOF!  It was gone.  At 7:00 on a Friday night, with a couch full of cuddly boys, there was no way I was starting over.  So here I am posting on a Saturday.  I am also procrastinating a little bit…  Today is a rainy, dreary day, and its chalk full of not so fun things to do.  I just have to get through them, and then we can enjoy a relaxing evening and a date with NetFlix!

My dietetics course ends this week, so I have a final exam to complete.  The good thing is that its a take-home exam.  The bad thing is, my answers are already filling 12 pages!  I need to finish that and move on to chemistry.  Next weekend we head to Vegas for Dave’s venture into the big time of comedy (!!!!), but as soon as we get back, I have a big chemistry exam.  So I need to get ahead in my studying before we leave.  That’s going to be tough to do with a house inspection, and extra chemistry lab, and packing to fit into the week.

Packing is always a challenge for me.  What to bring?  How many pairs of shoes?  Will it be cold?  And this time, its even more of a challenge because my clothes are becoming slightly uncomfortable and not fitting quite right.  I’ve already started with my packing list:

I need start packing this weekend so that I still have time to buy anything I need (in a bigger size!).

As far as clothes fitting, I have not helped matters in the last couple of weeks.  I think I have eaten my weight in chocolate!  Between stress, nervousness, pregnancy cravings, and shear lack of will power, I have been not making very healthy choices.  While I am okay with the baby weight I need to gain, I am less okay with extra weight I gain because I eat a peanut butter cup every time I walk by Dave’s stash.  Pregnancy is not an excuse to eat anything and everything.  An extra 300 calories is all that is required and that’s not a lot.

I have definitely not been feeling as well since I’ve been eating less healthfully, so I am committing myself to becoming more conscious of what and how much I put in my mouth.  I’m not cutting anything out (including chocolate!!), but I am going to try to be more mindful.  Last night for example…  Friday is traditionally pizza night in our house.  But I was genuinely not feeling pizza.  I wanted veggies…and a lot of them!  So while I made Dave his pizza, I made myself the most ginormous salad ever!  I think it was one of my best!

This salad included:

  • spinach
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • artichokes
  • steamed mixed veggies (peppers, green beans, zucchini, summer squash, onion, and broccoli)
  • steamed broccoli slaw mixed with Laughing Cow cheese

The combination of hot and cold vegetables was wonderful!  It was just what I wanted!  I feel my arteries clearing already!  🙂

Its time to dive into the next question in my final exam.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

  • salmon

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Happy Weekend!

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After being disappointed by a lousy inspection 3 weeks ago, and having to start the house hunt from scratch, I was definitely feeling burnt by this whole search process.  But in the end, we found a house we like even better!  It’s in a quiet neighborhood at the end of a cul-de-sac, with conservation land behind it.  Its also only a short drive from the Minuteman Bike Path if we’d rather run than hike.  Our offer was accepted and we are an inspection away from moving forward!  Unlike the last property that was built in the 1800s, this house was built in 1996, so I’m not too worried about the inspection.  Its scheduled for Monday, so we are right on track to complete the purchase and sale by the April 30th deadline and the closing by the June deadline.  Phew!

That good news has had me in a good and productive mood all day.  I ran 6 miles, vacuumed, arranged our inspection, and started my next chemistry assignment.  And to make a good day even better, the kind folks at Sequel Naturals sent me a new sample to try.

Vega Sport is a new supplement blend that is gluten, dairy, and soy free.  It also touts impressive nutritional stats with 100 calories, 2 grams of fiber, and a heafty 20 grams of protein.

Vega claims that this product “naturally enhances performance,” improving workout strength, reducing inflammation, improving immune function, and aiding in muscle repair and recovery after exercise.

But how does it taste????  I was given berry and vanilla flavors to sample, and chose to go with berry for today.  I added one packet Vega Sport to 8 oz. water (as recommended).  Then I added a handful of frozen strawberries and a dash of xanthan gum for added volume.  The power sure was green!

All mixed together…..

It definitely tasted….healthy.  Quite chalky, and not sweet the way I usually enjoy my smoothies.  I added a packet of Truvia and that helped sweeten it up a bit.  And then I added a scoop of sugar free jelly….just trying to find the right addition to make it sweet enough. My eventual blend came out very well and the added sweetness lessened the chalky flavor.

There’s no doubt, given the ingredients, that this product is good for yo.  And I’m sure it does increase exercise performance and recovery.  However, I think I need to experiment a bit more to find the right combination for me.  I will try the vanilla flavor next.  And I think I will also experiment with adding yogurt and/or milk to jazz it up a bit.

After one try, I’m not completely sold, but there is definite potential.  We’ll see what kind of creative ideas I can come up with!  🙂

Dave was out at a dinner meeting last night, so we never got to celebrate together the exciting house news.  I think a nice dinner, a relaxing walk, and last week’s episode of “Flash Forward” may be the perfect celebration.  (At least for me…when you’re pregnant, bloated, and tired, there’s not much else you want to do!!).

Good night all….and thank you for sharing in our excitement!  And speaking of excitement…. here’s the 15 week (+3 days) belly shot.  Up 3 pounds and a bit rounder!  🙂

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Whew!  I’m almost relieved that its Monday!  This was an exhausting weekend.  We visited 7 properties in total, and although that was a lot of running around, the exhausting part was/is the emotional part that goes into buying a house.  Its scary!  What can we afford?  What is too risky?  How quickly can we build up our savings again if we buy a home?  So many questions…all necessary, but it sure does take a lot out of you.  Makes you question your values, what’s most important, and what sacrifices you’re willing to make to take on such an investment.

In the end, we found a house we love!  It is even nicer than the home we walked away from after a bad inspection.  However, the price is a bit high, so we have to be ready to walk away from this one if the seller’s won’t move down to our price.  Hopefully we’ll know in the next day or two.  Since we don’t have a lot of room to negotiate, we’ll hopefully have our answer (good or bad) pretty quickly.

I had no energy at all to make dinner last night, so we went the really easy route.  I made Dave his “North Dakota Burrito” with chicken and rice we had already made and in the fridge.

And I made myself an egg white omelet with gluten-free toast.  Amazingly, my dish appeared as white as Dave’s!

But the exterior fools you…. My dinner was actually bursting with color!  Peppers, artichoke, tomato, and spinach!

I have been plowing through my chemistry assignment all morning and afternoon (with a working out break in the middle).  My brain is tired now!  I think I am going to call it quits, have a phone date with my mom 🙂 , and then start in on dinner.  I am thinking spaghetti squash tonight….

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