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I was surprised so many people read my post about cloth diapering.  I figured it would mostly be friends and family who were interested.  It sounds like people are interested that I’m doing it…but not so sure its for them.  That’s fine.  I think they’re really cute, so I am excited to give them a try.  And I really think that they won’t be too much more work once I get a system down.  By baby #2, it’ll be easy!  :)  Honestly, I am a little nervous about it.  But I’m going to give it a decent shot, and if its working, invest in more.  Stay tuned…

I spent yesterday and today plugging along with my biochemistry work.  It’s hard and after a week, I am already behind!  I don’t know if I will complete the course in time to apply to the program or not.  Under normal circumstances, no problem.  But in my sleep deprived state, I am not moving through the material very quickly.  I’ll do the best I can, but I am going to cut myself a little slack.  If I don’t make the application deadline, I will at least have all of my prerequisites done so I will have an entire year to enjoy my time with Baby G.

On the subject of sleep deprivation…Oh man!  I had no idea!  If I am not waking up to pee, then I am waking up with acid reflux (I am now sleeping with 3 pillows for my head and a wedge to support my belly!), or I waking up to change position (which involves physically moving my belly with my hands!).  I am thinking I will get more sleep with a crying baby who needs to be breast fed every 2 hours than I am right now.  Right now, I can sleep for about an hour until I wake up.  Sleeping for 2 hours straight between feedings sounds pretty good right now!

Enough on that… To wake myself up in the middle of my problem set this afternoon, I tried something new.  Has anyone seen these???


They were on sale the other day, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I am so thirsty all the time and there is only room in my belly for food or drink…not both.   Baby G needs his calories (he is gaining a 1/2 pound a week at this point!), so I am doing what I never do, and drinking my calories much more often than usual.

This was pretty simple…just empty the top cup and bottom cup into the blender (I used my Magic Bullet), fill the larger cup with ice and add the ice to the blender…then mix. 


This is 2 servings, but I drank it all…only 160 calories.  These smoothies are rather high in sugar, and I noticed there are also sugar alcohols in it.  Homemade smoothies are so easy to make with frozen fruit, yogurt, milk, protein powder…whatever.  So I think I will stick to my own smoothies since  there is less sugar, more protein, and less plastic waste. 

All that being said, this was good and really hit the spot.  Even got a little bit of brain freeze!  I also think convenience things like this are good for the many people who would otherwise pick up cookies or chips for a pick me up.

Baby G really gets worked up when I eat sugar or eat something cold.  This had both so he is having a field day right now!

I have closed my book for the night and plan to relax with Friends reruns and a little light reading.  I will be heading to bed early because I know I will be waking up in the middle of the night when Dave arrives home (unless of course, I am already awake!).  He’s been visiting his family the last few days, but he’s on his way home now.  I’ve missed him and can’t wait for him to get home.  Look what the thoughtful dad-to-be is bringing home from North Dakota…photo

It’s a baby buffalo for Baby G!  We now have quite a menagerie of animals in Baby G’s crib!  I wonder which one will be his favorite???

Did you have a favorite animal, blanket, or toy when you were little?  What was it?  I had a baby doll.  Her name was “Baby Doll.”  Original, huh?!


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Cloth Diapering 101

As far as baby preparations go, we are in pretty good shape!  The nursery is almost done…the walls just need some decorating.  We have the furniture, the pack n’ play, the car seat, the bouncer (thank you Heather!), the swing is on its way…  The one big thing we hadn’t taken care of yet were the diapers!  Definitely a necessity!  :) 

I decided months ago that I wanted to cloth diaper this little one.  I am lucky enough to be able to be a stay at home mom so I can easily throw in a few extra loads of laundry each week.  I can help the environment and save money at the same time!  There is a big up front cost in cloth diapering, but in the end, you save, especially when baby #2 arrives and you don’t have to buy any more diapers!

I don’t know how many hours and hours I spent researching types of cloth diapers, the reviews of different brands, and the how tos for caring for them.  It was a significant amount of time, and I was still confused!  All-in-ones, prefolds, fitted diapers, pocket diapers… What requires a wrap and what doesn’t?!  Bum Genius or Fuzzibunz?  Thirsties or Bummis? 

Ahhhh!  It is really overwhelming!  Its great that there are so many options available now…If cloth diapers were the same as they were when my mom was cloth diapering me, I don’t think I’d be considering this.  But today’s cloth diapers are easy to use, good at preventing leaks (very important!), and not to mention, incredibly cute!

My mom was visiting me yesterday so we took a trip to the Diaper Lab in Somerville, MA.  I got some great suggestions from the manager of the store and even talked to a couple of moms who were shopping for their babies.  There are so many internet websites with information and products, but nothing beats talking to real people.  Especially knowledgeable people!  I was very impressed!

In the end, I decided to get some fitted diapers and prefolds for the newborn stage.  Newborns wet so often, that many people choose this cheaper option so they can have many diapers on hand.  There are also 2 barriers involved with these to help prevent leaks of watery infant poop! I got a couple of Swaddlebees to start out with and ordered a couple of newborn Kissaluvs.  They are so soft, I wouldn’t mind wearing them myself!


I had already been given some prefolds at my shower, so I just picked up a couple of Snappis (modern day diaper pins) for them.


Prefold diapers are going to take a little practice.  I’m starting early!  :)  Here’s a prefold held together with a Snappi.


Fitted diapers and prefolds both require a wrap, which is a water-proof outer layer.  This is where the cuteness comes in!



This will start us out, and if its going well, I’ll invest in some more for the newborn stage.  After that, the Diaper Lab offers a free trial where you can test out 8 other types of diapers or brands for a 2 week period.  What a great option!  I’ll explore some other options once he’s a little bigger since some other types of diapers don’t work as well on tiny babies.  I already have a couple of pocket diapers that I received as a shower gift.  These are Fuzzibunz in size small…a little to big for a newborn.


Pocket diapers like this have the water-proof layer attached, so you don’t need a wrap over the diaper.  And inside, there is an absorbent insert…



The insert allows you to add extra absorbency, and because the insert(s) come out when you wash them, they dry faster than an All-in-One diaper where the absorbent layer is part of the diaper itself.  When I do the trial I will try out pockets and All-in-One diapers to see how they work for us.  Before paying a large up front cost, I want to make sure what I’m getting will work for us. 

I’m exhausted!  But I do have a better handle on this now.  I like having a stocked diaper caddy!


That was either a really interesting post or a really boring one.  But I’m excited.  Now I just need a real baby bottom to diaper!  A big thanks to my mom who bought me these introductory diapers and offered great moral support!

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes.  I didn’t do anything extravagant, but it was a wonderfully relaxing day with no school work!  And I got to meet up with Morgan again for our weekly coffee date.  You would think that eventually we would have run out of things to talk about, but after 3 1/2 hours of chit chat, the conversation ended only because I needed to beat the rush hour traffic home!  It sure is comforting to have someone to relate to through the the crazy feelings that go along with pregnancy. 

Speaking of pregnancy…Yesterday’s appointment was a good one.  I am still measuring small, but my doctor isn’t concerned since the ultrasound 2 weeks ago showed Baby G to be in the 47th percentile.  But she did order another ultrasound for 2 weeks from now “just to check.”  So now I have that to look forward to.  Any opportunity to see this little guy is really exciting.  🙂

Today was as unrelaxing as yesterday was relaxing!  But it was productive.  It started out with some of this…



I love having my elliptical at home.  I love not having to drive to the gym.  And I love having my tv to occupy my mind.  My time on the elliptical is about the only time that Baby G is not squirming all around.  I think the motion lulls him to sleep.  :)  He wakes right up when I’m done though, and is back to  tickling my ribs!

Today was my cleaning day, and the nesting bug that goes along with pregnancy has hit full force! So after a shower there was a lot of this:


Yep, that’s my belly!  Please note that my feet are completely gone in this picture.  Vacuuming has gotten harder in the last couple of weeks.  Hauling that thing around is tough when you tire faster and your center of gravity is off.  Unfortunately, with 2 cats, not vacuuming every week is not an option. 

The vacuuming was followed by cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen, dusting, and even some of this :


Again, that is the belly.  And again… no feet!

I love the smell of a clean house.  Does anyone else feel that way?  Its so gratifying!  I don’t think I’m a neat freak.  Mopping and dusting rarely happen.  But a good vacuuming happens every week and I always feel great when its done!  Having mopped floors and dusted furniture is a bonus.

Riding high from my cleaning spree, I did a little bit of this:


I’m easing into biochemistry.  This week?  Acids, bases, and buffers!

I was pretty tired, but we just needed a few things at the store so I headed out in the rain (this is day three of rain, wind , and cold).  We only needed a few things…


But while I was out I decided to reward myself for my hard work and stopped off for a special treat.


I had heard that The Cheesecake factory had a new selection and I’ve been dying to try it.  Its Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake, combined with chocolate cake!  Since yesterday was my birthday and I didn’t have any cake, I felt justified.  :)  I am looking forward to my evening indulgence! 

Now that I am sitting and resting with my feet up, I don’t think I’ll be getting up again tonight!  I am beat!  But anyone who might be concerned about how all of today’s activity is affecting Baby G… no need!  I am watching my stomach shift back and forth as I type!  Apparently today’s activity didn’t wear him out the way it wore me out. :)  He has more energy than I do!  I think we might have an athlete on our hands.

Have a good night everyone.  Thanks for continuing to follow along and read even as my posting has become more sporadic.  I love reading each and every one of your comments!

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What a nice weekend!  I finished my Anatomy and Physiology course on Friday (yeah for another A!), and then Dave and I headed off to Cape Cod to spend the weekend with my family.  I can’t remember when the whole family has been home at the same time.  My dad works out of state during the week, and my brother has started graduate school, so often I don’t see them when I visit. But we were all home at the same time, which was a treat. 

I can’t say that we did a whole lot.  I am becoming more and more uncomfortable and am not sleeping well, so I am pretty tired and not the life of the party at all!  But it was relaxing. Dave got in some hammock time.



I joined him for a little while.  It was quite the production getting in and out of it.  Dave had to push me out, while my mom pulled!  :)  It was quite the sight and would have made for a great picture if everyone involved weren’t busy trying to hoist the pregnant lady out of the hammock!

My mom has done such a nice job with her back yard.  I hope we can do some work on our yard next summer, since we won’t be focused on moving and baby preparations.  Look how pretty her yard is…IMG_3707 


We had a fabulous salmon dinner cooked on the grill.  Too bad I didn’t think to take out my camera.  It had to be the best salmon I’ve ever had!

I also took a belated 33 week belly shot.  This is more like 33.5 weeks.


You might ask, “what does it matter if she’s 33 weeks or 33.5 weeks?”  Well, when each day you feel bigger and each day you are more uncomfortable, you want credit for every half week as well! 

This has been a tough week.  Despite not gaining a whole lot throughout this pregnancy, I definitely met the “pound per week” expectation over the past 2 weeks.  I feel so much bigger and Baby G is SO much stronger!  He doesn’t gently shift from side to side, he throws his weight (over 4 pounds!) from side to side and punches hard!  Sitting upright is now very uncomfortable because he gets up under my ribs.  I was almost in tears by the time we reached the Cape on Friday night! 

It will all be worth it in the end.  And compared to many, I am doing great.  I am more tired from not being able to sleep, so I am less active.  But, unlike many who have had high risk pregnancies, I am still able to be active…and for that I am very grateful!  I am also starting to feel some nausea and my stomach always feels full, even when I am hungry.  Unlike so many, however, I didn’t have any morning sickness in the first trimester.  It sounds like a lot of complaining, but in the grand scheme of things, I am grateful that pregnancy has not knocked me out of commission, like it does to so many others.  And most of all, I have a healthy baby!  I just am getting really antsy to meet him!  :) 

The weekend was definitely a breather.  After finishing my anatomy course, this week, I begin my last prerequisite course before applying to the dietetics program…biochemistry.  Its entirely on-line and self-paced, which makes it feel doable to me with a baby on the way.  But I really want to get a head start on it before Baby G arrives.  I have a feeling I will be a tad sleep deprived and distracted once he is here.

I am doing some prep work for the course today, making out a schedule for myself and reading the introductory chapters.  Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment (34 weeks!) and am meeting up with Morgan for our weekly coffee date, so I will take tomorrow off and dive into the new material on Wednesday. 

Tomorrow is also my birthday… I am not particularly happy about turning 32, so I would like to gloss over it.  But at the same time, you can’t really spend your birthday cramming either, can you?!  So Wednesday is the day. Biochemistry, here I come!  🙂

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When I saw Melissa’s blog this morning, I was reminded that its been about a year since I started blogging.  I knew we had started our blogs within days of each other, so I went back to check which day it actually was.  I didn’t realize until I went back to look, that we actually started blogging on the very same day!  August 18th, 2009, I wrote this

What a year it has been!  I knew it was going to be an exciting year because last August we had just moved back to Boston from New Hampshire and I had left my job as a counselor to go back to school for a degree in dietetics.  I just didn’t know how big of a year it would be!  The highlights?

With a baby boy due in 7 weeks (!!!!!), this coming year is shaping up to be another big one!

Ironically, as I come up on a year of blogging, I am blogging less and reading fewer blogs.  Part of this has to do with having less time.  Between moving, studying, and planning for a baby, I find myself with less downtime, and a greater desire to use that downtime with Dave, family, and friends now. 

I also find myself losing interest in reading and posting about the things that excited me before.  I feel like there are only so many bowls of oatmeal I can get excited about.  I find myself gravitating to subjects that I really relate to right now… lots of baby blogs in my google reader now.  :) 

I’m okay with my more sporadic blogging.  When I go back and read what I wrote a year ago, I said that I was starting a blog to: 1.  document an exciting time in my life, and 2: hopefully, meet some new friends. 

Given these goals, blogging has been a great success!  I have so many exciting life experiences that I can now go back and relive.  And as far as meeting people…I feel so, so lucky!  I have “met” so many wonderful people in the blogging community.  So many people that I would love to meet one day!  And even more, blogging has helped me to meet some dear friends in real life as well. 

Just last night, I got together with Heather, Morgan, and Kelly



We met for dinner at Whole Foods in Dedham (a place that seems to be a great central spot for those of us living north and south of Boston).  I have enjoyed getting to know these ladies so much, both on their blogs and in real life… What better reason could there be to be a blogger!

Thank you to everyone who reads, comments, offers support, and shares in my excitement.  You brighten my day!  🙂

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It seems like every weekend since we have moved, we have had home or baby-related projects to do.  Unpacking, painting the nursery, assembling things… Two weeks ago was great because things like hanging pictures or making runs to Target was a lot more fun with Dave’s mom and sister around to offer help and suggestions.  (Anyone else hate hanging pictures?  That is my least favorite step when it comes to moving into a new place!).

This weekend was completely free of must-dos.  I had to study for and take an Anatomy quiz, but other than that, there were no obligations.  No projects.  We actually found ourselves wondering what to do on Saturday!  It was a nice feeling.  :)  We ended up taking a walk through the Minuteman National Historical Park in Lexington, MA.  We live about 5 minutes away it turns out and it is the perfect place for walking, running, or biking.  Since running and biking are out for me right now, we enjoyed a nice hour-long walk.  It was mid-afternoon, so I was losing the energy I have in the morning, but Dave said I still  waddled at a good pace!  Look how pretty!


For the history buffs, there are even Revolutionary War sites to check out.  At this house, people were dressed in 1700s attire and were there to answer questions as their Revolutionary-era counterparts.  Not quite Plymouth Plantation or Old Sturbridge Village (must sees if you are in MA and like history!), but fun nonetheless.



We did a little bit of off-roading and found ourselves a little lost too.  What’s a walk without a little adventure!  We hopped on this path…


…it claimed to be a loop, but we came out of the woods and found ourselves with a 3-way fork in the road.  We chose the wrong path and ended up hiking back to the car along the highway.  Getting lost is always a little fun…but when your pregnant and your bladder is the size of a bean, your first thought is “how far until we find the bathroom?!”  (And for those of you wondering…no, squatting in the woods is not an option when you are 8 months pregnant!  I might be able to squat, but I wouldn’t be able to get back up!)

I rested for a bit after our adventure.  Using the elliptical in the morning, followed by an hour walk had me recovering for a bit.  And then we were off again!

Dave is a huge baseball fan.  Having worked with a minor league team back in college and writing a book years ago about a North Dakota minor league team, he has a special place in his heart for the minor leagues (not that he isn’t a die hard Red Sox fan too!).  We hit up a Lowell Spinners game and I have to say, as someone who is not a huge baseball fan, it was a lot of fun! 


It was the perfect night to be at a ball park.  Sunny, 75 degrees, no humidity.  While Dave enjoyed the game, I enjoyed my soft serve ice cream and watching all of the little kids with their foam fingers!  I can’t wait for Dave to be able to take Baby G to the ball park.  They will have such fun!  And I will have even more fun with him outside of my belly than in…as much as I enjoyed the evening, it is really tough to sit for an extended period with a 4 pound baby creeping higher and higher in your ribs!  I was almost lying down on the drive home, trying to ease him out of the ribs!

Saturday was a great day for us to relax and spend time together…doing anything but household projects!  And Sunday…I got to attend Morgan’s baby shower, meet her family and friends, and celebrate in her little boy.  It was a great party… but that’s her story to tell.  :)  I will just say that such a blessing couldn’t be given to a lovelier couple. 

It was a great weekend and I’m ready to dig into my last weeks of Anatomy and Physiology.  My final is on Friday, so this is the final push.  Then on to Biochemistry…and motherhood!  What a combination!

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Drinking Binge

No not that kind of drinking!  I am pregnant after all.  I’m talking about water.  I can’t get enough of it!  I am constantly thirsty.  It isn’t even that hot this week.  Why, you might ask, is this a problem?  After all, its good to be hydrated and to drink a lot of water.  Its good for digestion.  Its good for the skin.  Doctors encourage pregnant women to drink even more water!  Well, it’s a problem for me because I have no more room in this belly! 

I am an hour from dinner and know I need to eat soon.  But my tummy is so full of water, it feels like there is no room for food!  I have turned to crunching ridiculous amounts of ice because on many days, I’m thirsty, but can’t fit any more water in me!  The frustrating thing is that I haven’t really had a crazy amount of water/liquid today.  It is 5pm and I’ve had about 50 ounces of water today.  Not a crazy amount considering I sweat through a workout this morning and still have an evening of more water ahead.  But my belly feels like I have had gallons and gallons!

So for all of the pregnant ladies and all those who have been pregnant before…What do you do about this?!  It’s only going to be more of a challenge as things get tighter in there over the next 8 weeks. 

I met up with Morgan for coffee again yesterday.  Our baby boys are due a day apart and it is so wonderful to have someone who understands these odd pregnancy sensations.   I know this issue of fitting food and water into my growing belly is definitely not something I had ever thought about when I considered the ups and downs of pregnancy. It feels good to talk to someone who can tell me I am not crazy!  A few of you commented that my posts have made you think even more about having babies in the future… It really is a miraculous thing and I am constantly marveling over his growth and movements.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you… it is tough to fit all of the food and water you need into a tighter and tighter space!

To help in quenching my thirst, I am crunching ice, but I am also eating lots of things that have a high water content.  Lots of fruit and lots of salads. 



I have been eating lots of salads like this one lately.  Cottage cheese, salmon, or shrimp for protein. Sometimes brown rice, sometimes an English muffin.  But always lots of water-filled veggies.  And fruit!  I had never added fruit to salads before, but I love it!  It adds more hydration, but it also adds some sweetness.  There’s no going back!  Fruit will be a constant in my salads now. 

Speaking of which, I have a dinner salad to prepare now.  With a glass of water, of course! :) 

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