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Almost 2 weeks since I posted!  I don’t know where the time is going.  Everyday flies by and all of a sudden Halloween is almost here! 

Noah James is 5 weeks old now and getting bigger everyday (we’ll find out today just how big when he has his 1 month check up).  Mom and dad are still sleep deprived, but we’re also having fun discovering Noah’s unique personality, mannerisms, and silly faces. 

Look at these faces!


IMG_1590 IMG_4238


In the last 2 weeks Noah got to spend a lot of time with his grandmas.  My mom has been to visit each week for a day or two, and last week, Dave’s mom came from North Dakota for a week long visit. 


It was so much fun to have her with us…and to have extra hands around.  It’s amazing how much attention such a little person needs!  Between the 2 of our moms holding and burping the baby over the past couple of weeks, I have actually been able to get a couple of household things accomplished.  One night, I even got to make dinner…a dinner that required actual ingredients! 


I can’t remember when I have had something food-related to post on my blog!  This was spaghetti squash mixed with Laughing Co cheese, spinach, tomato, garlic, and shrimp.  It was wonderful, and even Dave cleaned his veggie-heavy plate!


He wasn’t particularly proud of his vegetable consumption!  🙂

While Dave’s mom was here we took a quick trip to the Cape to visit my family.  It was really special for me because we got to introduce Noah James to his great grandparents.  My mom’s parents are so special to me and I have prayed so hard that they would still be here to meet my child one day.  Last week, that day came, and I found it hard to hold back the tears. 

My Nana…


And Papa…


4 Generations!


I tear up just looking at those pictures. 

Being a new mom is definitely overwhelming and stressful.  But the past 5 weeks have also been the most rewarding of my life.  I hope to post again sooner rather than later because I have a long overdue thank you post.  So many people have done so much for us and we are so grateful.  All of the help and kindness we have received has allowed us to enjoy this precious time so much more than if we were just sleep deprived and anxious.  We are so fortunate! 


I’ll leave you with a couple more ooohs and ahhhs!  🙂


IMG_1592 IMG_4261


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Blogging has definitely taken a backseat to just about everything this past week.  I have always admired stay-at-home moms and have understood that it is a busy, busy job.  But part of me thought, “He’s an infant…he’ll have to sleep a lot and when he sleeps I’ll have downtime.”  Ha!  When he sleeps, I have precious time to clean, do laundry, squeeze in a workout, shower (I am determined to shower everyday despite being a new mom!), and if all of that gets done…try to nap and catch up on the sleep I miss at night.  Basically, there has been no downtime, and when there is, a catnap takes priority over blogging. 

I have actually been reading a lot of your blogs despite my lack of time for posting.  I have Dave’s ipad to keep me company while I nurse Noah in the wee hours.  I nurse and catch up on all of your lives.  :)  But with one hand holding him and one hand supporting the ipad, commenting is tough.  Ultimately, I know what’s going on with all of you, but because I have had no time to post, I haven’t told you what’s been going on with me. 

This has been a week of firsts for Noah James.  He went to his first birthday party last weekend.  It was also his first trip into Boston!  We went tot he first birthday of the daughter of 2 of Dave’s friends.  It was held at the Boston Gardens and there were babies everywhere!


It was a beautiful day to walk through the city and Noah was so good, sleeping peacefully and then taking in the sights and smells.  Just as we were leaving to go back to the car, he started to fuss, and we knew we needed to find a place to nurse him.  (My boobs were also about to explode, adding even more urgency!)  I am so new to nursing, that this is the part about going out that makes me nervous.  But no need to fear…we were surrounded by moms and dads with helpful hints.  All agreed that the best place to go was across the street to the Four Seasons.  So in we walked, looking like we belonged there, and strolled up to the 2nd floor bathroom.  I have never seen such a bathroom!  I took a picture of the sitting room in the bathroom where I sat and nursed Noah for 40 minutes.  (I told Noah not to get used to the star treatment!)


Also this week, was Noah James’ first bath!  This child hates to have his diaper changed and hates even more to have his clothes taken off.  I was not looking forward to the bath experience.  But since the last of his cord had finally fallen off, it was time.  On the recommendation of Dave’s sister, we got a Tummy Tub for Noah.  It is not the typical infant tub.  It looks like a bucket and is supposed to recreate the womb experience.  I crossed my fingers and hoped that it would make Noah forget that he was without a diaper and without clothes!

First we got dolled up in our robe…


Then, the moment of truth…



He loved it!  He gurgled and made happy baby noises the whole time!  I highly recommend this tub.  His feet curl right up in the water like he was when he was inside of me.  It must have been very comforting to him.    IMG_4153 

Yes, that is Jack the Cat in the background.  He likes to be involved in every aspect of baby care.  Not necessarily because he likes this new addition, but because he wants to make sure he gets equal attention!  Here I am trying to nurse Noah…


Jack is sitting mostly on the Boppy and partly on Noah James.  He is quite perturbed that he only gets to eat twice a day, while this “intruder” can eat any time he wants to!

This week, we also finalized the nursery.  The last piece we needed was a book case.  And after seeing the pictures that Em posted of her baby-to-be’s nursery, I emailed immediately for the link to the bookcase they had bought.  Its exactly what I had been looking for!  Thanks Em!

Here’s the completed nursery!






That’s “Noah’s Ark” above the dresser.  🙂

Its been a crazy busy week, but a wonderful one!  I am so tired, and the dreaded hemorrhoids are as bad as I heard they were…but I have never been happier.  And even better, Noah is gaining weight as he should, continuing to nurse like a champ, and has knocked out the jaundice we were dealing with in his first week. 

On another happy note (and another first for the week)…Noah’s got his first friend!  Morgan had her baby boy after waiting patiently for 40+ weeks.  I am so happy for her and for Solomon.  They are wonderful people who I feel very blessed to have met. I look forward to many playdates with Morgan, Noah James, and Baby Aaron!   :)  The boys are exactly 3 weeks apart. 

I’ll leave you with a couple more pictures.  Its not hard to see why I am helplessly and hopelessly in love with this little boy!

Stretching after being unswaddled…


Napping with mommy…



Sleeping peacefully in his swaddle… IMG_4173

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Today is my due date!  But instead of being in labor, I am celebrating Noah James’ 2 week birthday!  :)  I can’t believe how fast the last 2 weeks have gone by.  I want to slow down the clock!  He’s changed so much already, looking around more and lifting his head for longer periods.  He even lost the stump of his umbilical cord yesterday!  Already!

Its true what they say about being home with a baby…there really is no downtime.  He is napping right now and I have a million things I need to be doing (including a return to biochemistry course work!).  But I knew if I didn’t post a blog entry now, marking this day, I wouldn’t get to it at all (afterall, in my sleep deprived state, I get more and more tired as the day goes on). 

Although Noah James was due to arrive today, he came two weeks ago on September 22nd.  I started thinking the other day about how amazing it is that on September 22nd of last year we hadn’t even started trying for a baby yet.  And here we are, a year later, and our lives have changed forever.  Out of curiosity, I went back to look at my blog entry from September 22nd, 2009 to see what I was doing that day, completely unsuspecting that the day’s date would take on such meaning just a year later. 

What did I post last September 22nd 2009?  Ironically, it was a post entitled “We’re Grownups Today!”  Last year I was referring to how grown up we felt replacing our old kitchen table (one I had had since college!), with a brand new “grownup”-looking dining room table.  Little did I know that the event of one year later would be the event that would truly make us feel like adults.  September 22nd will always have a special meaning for us now…Not because we got a grownup-looking table, but because we got a very special not-grownup-looking blessing. 

I’ll leave you with a few glimpses of our little blessing.  🙂





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A Whole New Meaning

My blog has a whole new meaning now.  When I began blogging, “lessons to learn” had a duel meaning, referring to all that I was learning in my return to school and all that I was learning about life.  Now, the lessons I’m learning are all about motherhood.


I can’t believe Noah James has been with us for 10 days already.  Already I can’t imagine life without him.  We must have been pretty bored before he arrived because suddenly, there is always work to do, and as I am still riding a wave of adrenaline, all of it feels wonderful!  Even getting up in the middle of the night…  Granted, when the alarm first goes off, I want to roll right back over, but  as soon as I see his little face, I am happy to be up.  (I realize that I will not be feeling so good about midnight feedings and poopy diapers in several weeks, but for right now, I am still in a state of euphoria!)

Even physically, I am feeling great!  I had 6 stitches from the birth and they have healed nicely.  I can still tell that something happened “down there,” but the soreness is really going away much quicker than I imagined.  Bleeding is a given after birth and can go on for 6 weeks, but even that is lightening up. 

What really amazes me is my energy level.  While pregnant, I read that continuing to exercise during pregnancy conditions the body to operate with increased demands, so that postpartum, the body is actually better conditioned than before.  Exercising Through Pregnancy was a great reference book and is based on research done by the author.  Highly recommended. 

I worked out right up until delivery day.  I couldn’t run anymore, but I used my elliptical machine consistently.  I slowed down toward the end…my marathon sessions decreased and days of rest increased.  But I kept up with it.  As a result, I felt like I was really in shape for labor.  The nurse actually had to turn off the heart rate and blood pressure alarms on my monitors.  My resting heart rate was 48 and during contractions only went into the 50s for most of the day.  The alarm would have sounded if she hadn’t turned it off.  My doctor was a triathlete and is training for a marathon.  She said, “I love delivering runners!” 

Long story short, I was really ready for the delivery, and considering I was actively pushing for 3 hours, its a good thing I was!  I think being active during pregnancy is a great thing if there are no medical reasons not to.  I was prepared to gain weight, but because of my activity level, I didn’t gain a lot.  While my belly measured small, the baby always measured in the 50th-60th percentile.  One week after delivery, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and am feeling in better shape than ever.  

Here I am the day before I went into labor:

Day Before Delivery And here I am 24 hours after the birth:

The Day After

And one week later:

7 Days Later 1 Week Later (2)

What is the lesson I learned from all of this?  I have learned that exercise is an important and wonderful part of my life and it helped me to come thorough pregnancy and delivery problem-free and stronger than ever.  But in needing to rest in the days following Noah’s birth, I have learned that I can skip my daily cardio “fix” and be okay.  This is really important because I have tended to be compulsive about getting my daily exercise “high”.  I realized during this week of rest, however, that I can take a break and get the same “high” from from other things…like gazing for hours at my little boy. 

Exercise is such an important part of my daily routine and I want to incorporate exercise into every day as recover more and more. Aside from the endorphin rush, it helps me relieve stress and it helps keep my digestive tract working as it should.   That being said, I am no longer going to make every workout equal in length and intensity.  I can get the same high off of a shorter workout.  When I got pregnant, I was up to running 15 miles at a time and was about to make the decision to try for a marathon.  I think I still want to do that and I have a new treadmill (that arrived today!!) that will help me towards that goal.  But if I do, I won’t be cranking out several long runs each week, as I was before.  Its not necessary and its not feasible being home with a newborn. 

I was told by my doctor that I could walk, so we have taken the baby on a couple of walks (Vitamin D is important for breast fed babies), and yesterday I did a very light 30 minutes on my elliptical (the elliptical actually felt easier than walking in terms of any lingering soreness).  It felt so easy without the baby taking up room and squeezing things inside of me.  I could have easily turned the “walk” on my elliptical into a real workout.  But I know better…and more importantly, that “need” just wasn’t there. I wanted to be done so I could go cuddle Baby Noah.  I quit after 30 minutes of easy “ellipticating” yesterday, and have done nothing physical today except to clean the kitchen.  

So my lesson learned this week (one of many): My body is amazing!  It did this incredible thing, creating a healthy baby, and it is recovering quicker than I could have imagined.  Exercise helped me to do this.  But it doesn’t have to be as intense or as lengthy as I insisted it be pre-pregnancy.  While pregnancy taught me to slow down, postpartum has taught me to stop and find my “high” in other things.  In a week’s time, I feel like my priorities have shifted completely and its a freeing feeling.

On that note, I will leave you to ooooh and ahhhh over some of the cuteness I’ve soaked in this week.  🙂


IMG_4023 IMG_4029 IMG_4046 IMG_4057

And just for laughs…  🙂


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