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Week 10

It’s been a long time since I’ve checked in here.  I think Noah James was 7 weeks old when I made my last post.  And now we are coming up on 10 weeks this Wednesday!  Time is flying by.  It makes me sad.  But it is also so exciting to see him change so much.  He has been smiling periodically for a couple of weeks.  But in this last week, he has started smiling all the time.  It melts my heart each time.


Along with the smiles are lots of coos and ahhhs.  He is really experimenting with his voice.  He is also experimenting with his cries…interspersing some ear piercing shrieks in with his normal cries.  The first time he did it, he stopped crying altogether.  I think he startled himself with the sound he made! Smile


This past week we celebrated a Thanksgiving to remember.   It was memorable for many reasons.  It was our first Thanksgiving with Noah, of course.  He got to visit with one set of grandparents…


…his Uncle Chris…


…his great aunt Maggie (she prefers “grand” aunt, instead of “great”)…


…his great grandparents and my cousins were there too.  Of course, he had his Mommy…


But notably absent was Dave.  On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Dave started to feel sick.  He went to bed without dinner at 8pm and awoke the next morning with a fever, chills, and aches.  He got a flu shot several weeks ago, but apparently another strain hit him. Noah James is too young to have been given a flu shot, so on Monday morning, he and I made an early departure for the Thanksgiving holiday on Cape Cod with my family.  Dave planned to join us the next day.  But he was still sick on Tuesday.  Wednesday came and went…still sick, but feeling a bit better.  He planned to drive to the Cape Thursday morning  and be there in time for the Thanksgiving meal. 

Thursday morning, Dave called to say that he just got back from the hospital!  He awoke in pain and drove himself to the ER.  A friend brought him home because he was drugged up and couldn’t drive.  I felt awful that he was all alone on Thanksgiving and that he had to go through being so sick all by himself.  But with an infant, I didn’t feel like we really had a choice.  Noah James needed to be away from the germs, and I needed to be with him to nurse.  So that is the story of how our little family spent its first Thanksgiving apart.  Sad smile 


It was disappointing, but at the same time, we recognized that there are so many worse reasons to have to spend a holiday apart from loved ones.  Some people have loved ones in the military, others have loved ones far away, others have lost loved ones altogether in the last year.  We are very lucky.

Dave was better by Friday, and on Saturday, we came back home. We had a wonderful time and I loved having time to spend with my parents and my brother.  But it was also a rough week for Noah.   He had trouble sleeping and napping during our week away.  His routine was disrupted and he didn’t have the familiar toys and sounds to lull him to sleep.  Big thanks to my mom who walked the halls with him to let me sleep and to let me workout without interruption!   Noah misses his grandma already.  No one burps him as thoroughly as Grandma Kitty!

Dave missed Noah so much while we were away!  When we got home, they played together…


…and Dave carried him around in the Baby Bjorn…until they were both tuckered out!


Now that we’re home and everyone is healthy, we’re gearing up for Christmas!  Things are going to get even more busy, but I am going to try hard to post occasionally.  I have fallen out of the blog world to a great extent.  My blog has become more of a way to document how Noah James is growing and changing, rather than posting entries that might be interesting for the public. But that’s okay.  I will look back one day and be very glad that I have these updates to look back upon.  This is the season for giving thanks and I have never have more blessings to give thanks for than I do this year!


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This Week’s Wisdom

Another week has flown by!  It’s great to see Noah James getting bigger.  But at the same time, it makes me sad…time is passing so quickly. 

But with the passing of time, I’ve been learning more and more about my little man.  Here are a couple of lessons from this week.

  • I learned that an exercise ball has many uses!  I bounced on my exercise ball the night before I went into labor. I was feeling crampy and I knew some people swear that bouncing on the ball can encourage labor.   24 hours later, I had a baby!   (Its also used during labor to help ease the pain of contractions).  This week I also learned that bouncing on the ball with the baby works wonders!  He stops crying and it helps get up the burps!  (It’s fun for mom too!)


  • I also learned this week that it is not a good idea to try to make it home when a baby is due to be fed.  Noah made it home from our playdate just fine.  He loves the car and slept the whole way (good thing because if he had been awake, he would have been aware of how hungry he was, and much less patient!).  My boobs, however, didn’t quite make it!  Sitting in rush hour traffic, I felt that familiar tingling and before I could stuff tissue down my shirt, I was all wet!  I had fed Noah at noon and by 4:15, my boobs were overdue for draining!  Lesson learned:  If its time to eat, better to feed him first, before hitting the highway at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon!

A wet shirt was a small price to pay for such a lovely afternoon.  We went to Morgan’s house to play with baby Aaron.


Between a bit a crying a very dirty diaper (thank you, Noah James!), it was harder to catch up with Morgan than it was when we only had our big bellies between us.  But having the boys makes for lots of laughs.  And once we hit the street with the strollers, they both dozed off and the mommies got to chat.  🙂

This weekend will be a lot of fun.  My mom and dad are visiting (my dad hasn’t seen Noah since he was born!), and my brother will come over and join us for dinner.  I foresee many more picture-taking opportunities this weekend, so I will unload some of my recent favorites, so I can fill up my next post with grandparent shots!

Have a great weekend everyone!  🙂




Blurry, but oh so cute!


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Becoming Reacquainted

Last Thursday I had my 6 week post partum appointment with my ob/gyn.  Everything looked back to normal and she cleared me to run!  I have remained active, using my elliptical almost daily.  But I was reluctant to run without my doctor’s okay since running is much higher impact.  I have been dying to run again and was especially anxious because I had this beauty staring at me every day.


My sweet husband ordered this treadmill for me just before the baby arrived.  He knew how much I wanted to get back into running and knew how much I didn’t want to drag a baby to the gym through the winter months (I’m a wimp and absolutely can not run outside in the cold!).

After my doctor’s okay, I hopped right on and did an experimental 1.5 miles.  Slow, but not awful.  Then I saw Leah’s blog post about her return to running and the 5k challenge she set for herself.  The next day, I was ready to test my own 5k abilities. 

I was up to 15 miles when I found out I was pregnant.  I continued to run less intensely after that, but at 20 weeks I had to stop due to pelvic pain.  When I hopped on the treadmill on Saturday to test myself I was nervous that I would have lost all of my running stamina in the last 6 months.  I won’t lie…it was tough!  But I did manage to do the 3.1 miles just under 30 minutes, so I felt like that was a respectable place to start.  I was never very speedy anyway. 

I was sore yesterday, despite all of the non-running activity I’ve done.  But I felt much better today.  With Noah sound asleep next to me in his swing I managed 5.5 miles in 53 minutes.  I can’t run as far or as fast as I was, but I am really encouraged by how much  easier today was than just a couple of days ago.  I’m on  my way!

A couple of people have asked me what kind of cardio equipment I have.  I will answer that here because I want to rave publically about this company.  Both the elliptical and the treadmill are from SOLE.  Really high quality gym-like equipment that isn’t $3000+ like Life Fitness or Precor.  SOLE outfits the gyms in the Hilton Hotel chain.  The machines aren’t cheap, but they aren’t outrageous either.  Beyond that, both machines are really sturdy and have excellent warranties.  In fact, when the treadmill arrived, there was a small crack in the console.  The computer still worked, but we wanted a replacement. I called the service number, was immediately connected to a human being, and, no questions asked, they shipped out a replacement console, apologizing profusely for any inconvenience.  Nothing like good customer service!  If you are looking for a treadmill or elliptical, check out the SOLE series of machines. 

Last but not least… a little cuteness for you all!

Tummy Time



Just Waking Up



Starting to Smile 🙂


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Lucky Boy…Lucky Parents

One thing is for sure… Noah James is one very loved little boy.  The cards and gifts he has received (and continue to receive!) have been so thoughtful!  Family, friends, bloggers…so many have reached out to this little man.

I have been overwhelmed by how excited my blogging friends have been to share in the story of Noah’s birth.

  • There’s Heather who came to my shower back in August and gave Noah his bouncer.  He loves this thing!  I have it in my bathroom, where he sits and bounces happily everyday while I shower.  I have a swing and another moving chair for him…but I think he likes the motion of the bouncer best.


  • Then there’s Kelly who brought back a darling bib and booties from her Honeymoon in Maui.  I couldn’t believe she was thinking about her pregnant blog friend while on her honeymoon!  The booties don’t fit quite yet so you have to wait for pictures of him sporting his Maui booties, but the bib is getting lots of use right now!  It looks huge on him, but he needs all the coverage he can get!


  • And Gina who sent us some homemade pumpkin bread…within days of his birth!  I wish I had a picture of it to share…but it didn’t last long enough!  It was delicious…and much needed during that first week when eating was low on the priority list! 


  • And of course, there’s Morgan who shared my pregnancy with me.  We have exchanged shower gifts (she gave Noah the cutest outfits!) and shared books and baby gear.  But most importantly, we have supported each other through our last trimesters and through the first thrilling, but scary weeks of motherhood.  I can’t thank her enough for her friendship and I look forward to many more playdates!   :)Our due dates were a day apart, but Noah came 2 weeks early and Aaron came 1 week late.  At 6 and 3 weeks, respectively, the boys are almost exactly the same size!


  • And of definitely not to be forgotten…even with my sporadic posting, I continue to get so many sweet comments and emails from blog friends, new and old.  I can’t express to you how touched we are by the excitement you have shown for us!  You comments brighten my day!  🙂

A thank you post is not complete without a great big thank you to our moms!  My mom has come up for a day or two each week to help out.  She is the official burper!  Noah knows that Grandma Kitty won’t quit until she gets all the burps out!  She means business!  :) 


This week she is here for several days while Dave is away on business.  Baby care is her specialty, but she has also undertaken many, many house projects.  She has made curtains for our kitchen and bought curtains to replace the old ones that came in many of the rooms when we bought our house.  (Its amazing the difference nicer window treatments can make!)

My mom has also been making grocery runs for me, running errands, buying us odds and ends that I never would have though to buy, allowing me to eat meals in peace, sleep extra hours, and write this blog post…   I could go on and on!

Then there’s Dave’s mom… Grandma Jan came out from North Dakota for a week and got straight to work.  Not only did she hold Noah for hours on end (also allowing me to eat and sleep!), but she jumped right on some household projects that never would have gotten done without her!  She dragged Dave off to the hardware store (definitely not his favorite place!) and bought a ladder, a rake, plastic to seal the windows from the cold, and a much needed trash barrel.  Then she got to work!

Here she on the ladder, cleaning the sealing fan. 


And who’s that behind the ladder?  Yep…that’s her loving son…also working hard holding the ladder for his mom!


She also mobilized Dave into sealing the windows for winter.


(I am teasing here…I have an amazing husband!  He is remarkably talented in so many areas.  But being handy around the house is admittedly not one of his strengths.  Ask him…he’ll agree!)

So many new moms have issues with their mothers and mothers-in-law because they feel criticized or attacked in their mothering skills…  Like the more experienced mothers are imposing their parenting views and techniques.  I am so grateful to have these 2 experienced mothers in my life who have come to help and support me.  I have never felt inadequate or self-conscious of my mommy-abilities because of a comment these ladies have made.  (Although I have felt inadequate enough all on my own!)  They have helped out without being asked, while being completely supportive of me.  I can’t thank our moms enough!!

There is nothing as thrilling as having a new baby at home.  We laugh everyday at the silly things Noah does and look on in awe at how he is changing.  But it is also incredibly challenging.  You doubt yourself all the time, you are sleep deprived every day, and you are often overwhelmed by the responsibility.  Having helpful, supportive people in our life has made all the difference.  To everyone who has reached out to us, come to visit, or relieved us of parenting duties temporarily, we are so grateful.  Noah James is one lucky boy.  And we are 2 very lucky (and thankful) parents!

Noah says “thank you”!


And he wants to share his Halloween costume with you!  :)  Noah James…the caterpillar! 



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