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One Handed Blogger

I am the worst blogger ever! But in my defense, the only time I am on line is when I am nursing Noah. And even then, my email responses are a mess with typos (and crazy auto correct mistakes!) because I am typing on my iPod. I keep saying that when I can get on my computer and type with 2 hands, I’ll update my blog. But when I have “free time” when Noah James is napping, I want to use it to exercise, clean, or do laundry rather than blog. Maybe my blogging motivation will come back to me….

Noah is not napping well today, but he just fell asleep on me after nursing, so here I am….trapped under a sleeping baby and blogging with one hand (actually, one thumb!).

The last couple of weeks have been filled with play dates! Noah James has a very busy social calendar! I have met a lot of moms in the neighboring communities through a class that I took last month and through a drop in group we go to each week. Noah has such fun taking in the other babies… And I have such fun getting and giving support from/to other moms. It’s scary to be a first time mom and having friends who are going through the same developmental issues you are makes me feel much better. Here’s Noah at yesterday’s play group….

The support has been most welcome in the last few weeks because Noah’s reflux got pretty bad. We tried inclining his mattress. We tried more frequent feedings (every 2 hours!) and keeping him upright afterward. Nothing was working and even his weight gain slowed significantly. He loves to nurse and eats a lot…but it all comes back up! Finally, last week he went on Prevacid and I went on a soy and dairy free diet. This is not an easy diet! There is soy and milk in everything. But I am determined to continue breastfeeding and if this could help, I’ll do it. It will take a couple more weeks to know whether the soy or dairy is contributing to the problem because it takes up to 3 weeks for the proteins to get out of mom’s body and milk. But I think we are already seeing a bit of an improvement from the Prevacid. I’m hopeful, but anxious for our next weigh in appointment.

Aside from all of the reflux troubles, I must say, this is one happy baby. He loves to smile and laugh. He has just discovered how wonderful it is to eat his toes! And he is sitting up quite well too. He likes to help mommy clean in his carrier which is a great help to me. Here he is ready to go!

And here he is after helping me vacuum. Vacuuming is exhausting!

Dave has had to do quite a bit of traveling lately. He came back from his last trip itching to see Noah! (Me too, I think. But mostly Noah!). It cracked me up when he walked in the door from his last trip and was wearing the same thing Noah was wearing! Those boys are in sync…even when they’re an ocean apart!

The last couple of weeks have been exhausting with Dave away, Noah’s reflux, and trying to keep the house together. But I feel so grateful to have made so many new mommy friends; so grateful to my own mom for visiting with us while Dave is away; so grateful for a husband who takes such loving care of us; and so grateful for this smiley face!


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