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My dinner creation was a great success!  I don’t usually compliment my creations, but this one was really good.  Before get to that, a quick recap on today….  I took my chemistry test.  I think I did okay, but there are so many places to make mistakes, that I’m not going to get excited yet.  Relieved is a better word for now.  I’m relieved that it’s over.  Tomorrow is all about stats, as I have a test on Friday.  Dave lves when I have stats tests…I become stressed out and super sensitive.  Tears are often involved.  He’s working late tomorrow…I wonder if that’s a coincidence???

When I got home from my test this afternoon, I had to take my Jack to the vet.  He has a polyp in his ear, something he has had before.  It was biopsied and was benign, but it came back, so we wanted to check it out.  I felt awful because I came home to find this:


Jack was less than pleased to be awakened, and then downright mad when he found out why.  But even though he didn’t want to go, my little man purred to the doctor as he got checked out.

So on to the dinner I am so pleased about.  In my never ending quest to find gluten free alternatives, I bought Dynasty Saifun bean threads at Whole Foods.  All you do is boil water and then let them soak in the hot water for 20 minutes.


While the bean threads soaked, I cooked up some zucchini, summer quash, carrot, and peppers with some frozen pineapple and mango.


Then I added some agave, soy sauce ,and sweet and sour, gluten-free sauce.


Then I added some shrimp:




Yep…that’s Jack across the table thinking that he can get away with whatever he wants because of the ordeal he had to endure today!


Dave wasn’t a fan of the bean threads.  They are pretty tasteless.  But I liked them with the sauce.  Next time I’ll make Dave’s with rice, but the dish itself, is a keeper!

Dave is all done with his work, so it’s time to be all done with blogging.  It’s couple time…plus a Jack and  a Rudy!  We joke that a every father with a daughter should have a Jack…he insists on positioning himself right between us on the couch, in bed, anywhere!

See you tomorrow!


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I made another attempt at spring rolls tonight. But since it’s fall, I’ll call them “Fall Rolls” instead! I can’t say that they look all that spectacular, but boy, were they good. I was going to do a how-to on making them because the thin rice paper totally intimidated me. But I was starving and the camera battery was charging. So next time I will give you a how-to. This time, I’ll just show you my creation:


I shredded a half of a zucchini and 2 carrots and cooked them on the stove top. Then I added a can of tuna, diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and some spices. When it was heated through, I stuffed four rice wrappers. They were wonderful, and they’re so versatile. You can stuff them with whatever you have on hand. I dipped them in some tamari (gluten-free) soy sauce. I will definitely be making them again soon….even if they aren’t the prettiest things in the world. At about 25 calories/wrapper, they are a very low cal, so be warned that you probably want to add a protein, like tuna, or pair them with something more substantial.  Its kind of like a hot salad in a wrapper!

I took my chemistry test and think I did okay. I hate how the wording in multiple choice questions can make you question something you really do know. And the calculations section seemed so simple that I’m afraid I missed something. I always doubt myself when I take tests. But now there is nothing more I can do, so I spent the day moving on. I did more chemistry homework and studied statistics. So I think I have earned a relaxing evening.

Dave is leaving tomorrow for a long weekend in Seattle,visiting our new baby nephews. I wish I could see them too. But I couldn’t take a long weekend, and it didn’t make sense to pay for a plane ticket for only a 48 hour stay. Dave is going to set up the web cam so that he can introduce me to the boys. I need to relinquish the computer so he can work on connecting and troubleshooting the camera. Good night all!


Do you have a favorite food that doesn’t look as good as it tastes?

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I realized today that because I am no longer at my job and get to be a full time student, I no longer dread Sundays. I have been enjoying my Sundays just as much as Saturdays because Monday is not casting a horrible shadow on the end of my weekend. That was one of the big indications that it was time to leave my job! I am just as busy now, if not busier. I now have studying to do into the evening and over the weekend. But I am excited to be learning new things and to be on a path toward something I want so much. And because of that excitement, I don’t mind the start of a new “work week.” I am grateful for all the kids I worked with and miss them a lot. But the job was not the right fit, and I feel so fortunate that I was in a position where moving on was an option for me.

Today, Sunday included a long, but easy workout on my mom’s elliptical, a day of togetherness with Dave, and some further gluten education. Not to mention a really good dinner. I’ll back up though, and start with Saturday…

I got to visit my grandmother yesterday. She’s a fighter and is doing okay. But she is weak and she knows she is never going to feel good again. That’s a hard way to live…So having visitors, people to break up the routine of the day and take the mind off of the pain, is a help to her. I’m happy I was able to be there. I love how she had to run to the bathroom before she saw us to put on her lipstick and blush! She is the classiest lady I know and always wants to look her best!

I also picked up some gluten-free flour and xanthan gum so I can try my hand at baking something…when I can find the time to experiment! I was interested to learn that the xanthan gum is a necessary addition to the gluten-free flour in order for the finished product to stay together and not fall to pieces. Interesting stuff!

Today, on the way home from the Cape, I picked up this book:


I’ve already done a bit of reading and there’s a lot of good information in there. It reiterates that sometimes blood tests are inaccurate (mine was negative), and it mentions a newer option now. It’s a stool test that purports to be more accurate, through a company called Enterolab. I had actually first heard of this from someone who had contacted me through my blog. One of the things that makes me very interested in this is that it sounds like it can test for gluten sensitivity, as well as Celiac. It may be that my test was negative because I really don’t have Celiac. But maybe I do have a sensitivity. I am looking into this test and will tell you more if/when I decide to do it. In the meantime, gluten free seems to be helping me, so I will keep plugging away.

One the way home, Dave also got a treat…. His required Cap Cod Slurpee!


It was his lucky day because before we left my parents’ house, I made him this:


He said it was the best ham sandwich he’s ever had! A big bulkie roll with ham and muenster cheese. I am not a fan of ham, but I love muenster and I love big, doughy rolls. Gluten! How I miss you!!

Despite my pangs of loss for bread, I had a completely satisfying dinner. I cooked up a Trader Joe’s salmon burger and topped it with salsa. And I roasted a whole pan of carrots and butternut squash. So, so good!


With Salsa!

With Salsa....and a big bite out of it!

Can you believe that Dave chose a frozen pizza over this! His loss. More for me!

One of my new favorite after dinner snacks is gluten-free Rice Chex with some raisins and chocolate chips mixed in. I think I need a little chocolate while we watch last Thursday’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” We’re behind on our DVR! We need to catch up because Dave is leaving later int he week to visit our new little nephews. We have a pact not to watch certain shows when we are alone without the other. It’ll be tough, but I’ll be strong while he’s away. I’ll read blogs instead!

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This is going to be a quickie post.  My eyes are glazed over after a 3 hour chemistry lab and then 2 1/2 hours of working on the calculations from the lab!  It’s so frustrating because I know that at one time, I knew how to do this!  Not anymore.  I am not feeling like the brightest bulb right now.  Thank the good Lord for my brother…he was a biology major in college and knows some chemistry too.  He’s coming to visit this weekend to tutor me in both subjects.

In between my lab and coming home to work on the calculations, I hit another farmer’s market for my statistics project research.  More organic farms that are not certified organic and more farms that use IPM (Integrated Pest Management).  When I actually analyze the data and research the terms these farmers have been throwing around, I will share the information.

Arlington, MA Farmer's Market

Arlington, MA Farmer's Market


On the way to the farmer’s market I tried another Lara Bar flavor.  The German Chocolate one.  It was good, but there were 3  whole, intact nuts.  I don’t like nuts!  I love nut butters, and I don’t mind finely chopped nuts.  But whole nuts…not so much!  I spit those out, but I enjoyed the flavor of the bar very much!

When I got home, before settling in with my chemistry, I chopped up butternut squash for a side of fries at dinner.  I even put them in the oven.  Too bad I got sucked into my chemistry and forgot to turn on the oven!!  Poor Dave got home, and I was still bent over my lab book.  He’s such a good guy…he just set to work making his own dinner, so I could concentrate just on my own gluten-free meal.

I took a brown rice tortilla and warmed it up to make it more bendable.  Cold, the wrap just wants to break when rolled.  Heated up, it rolled very nicely.  I filled it with hummus and a Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge (I had never had these before, but needed a replacement for my old standby gluten-y cheese).  I also added farmer’s market veggies….carrot, cucumber and yellow tomatoes.  I put it all in the panini maker and it was wonderful…and gluten-free!


I am really pleased with the gluten-free products I have found so far.  I am a Laughing Cow convert, and I can adapt to the different texture of a brown rice wrap.  Given that I had another tummyache-free day, I will be sticking with this, I think.

Tomorrow will definitely feature those butternut squash fries…unless I forget about them again.  They are cut and ready to go!

Have a great night everybody 🙂

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