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I big thank you to all of the kind, congratulatory comments you sent me after finishing the race yesterday. It meant so much!  I am still smiling!

Unfortunately, because I was off “playing” all day yesterday, I am a bit behind on my school work.  I just finished my lab and still need to copy it over.  So this will be a quickie.  Dave is traveling the next couple of weeks, but is home now….It doesn’t feel right to be blogging instead of spending this time with him.

So I leave you with a couple of yummy meals from the last couple of days.  There was a very comforting post-race dinner last night that included a hummus, Laughing Cow, veggie (rice)wrap, with a cup of tomato soup.  Such a good combination!


This was Trader Joe’s tomato soup, and I really like it.  It’s very rich and creamy, lower in sodium than the original one, and only 100 calories for a very filling cup.  The brown rice wraps are also from Trader Joe’s.  They are okay, but all of the gluten free rice wraps I’ve tried break so easily. Thaey don’t “wrap” well, even when heated as instructed.

Tonight, I had a great combination of Trader Joe’s vegetarian chili, over spaghetti squash.  I was going to put marinara and veggies on top of my “spaghetti,”  but then I remembered the chili I had bought.  It went together really well, even though the picture doesn’t look too appetizing.


I’m going to go join all my boys (both the furry and non-furry varieties) on the couch for some dvr and some togetherness!

Thank you all again for all of your support, encouragement, and congratulations!


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The creative juices aren’t flowing tonight.  My mind is mush after the second day of working on my Biology midterm.  But I got it done, along with my chem lab from last week and my lab prep for tomorrow.  Phew!  All I can say, is thank goodness for leftovers!

I threw some mac and cheese on the stove for Dave and used last night’s veggies and squash in a yummy panini for me.  It turned out really well!  I am getting the hang of these brown rice wraps.  The key is to heat them up first, otherwise, they crack instead of roll.

I spread some hummus and Laughing Cow cheese on my wrap, added some lettuce and the veggies, along with some tomato, and threw it in the panini maker.  Perfection!


Look at that melty goodness!

As soon as I finished, look who showed up on the arm of my chair:


He saw immediately that he was out of luck, and seconds later, look where he popped up:


No luck there either!


Some kitties have no manners!!

I am ready to unwind for the night.  It was a busy, busy day, but I’m feeling very productive.  It wasn’t looking good this morning around 10am though.  I was tired and frustrated.  But in between chemistry and biology I went for a great run on the treadmill.  It woke me up and revved me up to keep going.  Exercise is great that way!  When I came home I was even more productive, vacuuming the apartment and finishing my exam.  2 big chores out of the way!

I refueled with something I have been dying to try….The lovely Melissa bought me such a sweet gift when we met up last weekend.  I was so excited to try Barney Butter for the first time!



Good Lord!  What have I been missing!  I know that for most bloggers who hopped on the Barney Butter Bus long ago, the novelty may have worn off.  But for me, the first time on the “Bus” was very exciting.  Smooth, rich, creamy.  Everything a nut butter should be!  It isn’t necessarily in the budget, but perhaps when  I am really good…..like when I ace my chemistry test next week…I’ll treat myself to a jar.  Thanks again, Melissa!!

No more work to do tonight.  The house is clean and the dishes are done thanks to my sweet husband who washes them every night….and with a smile on his face, no less!


I'm a lucky girl!


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Whew!  I am tired!  I was feeling quite good about how much I got done this weekend until I realized this morning that I had done next week’s chemistry assignment instead of this week’s assignment (no wonder it seemed so hard!).  So instead of moving on to my Statistics work, which I have a test on on Friday, I spent the day on chemistry homework and lab prep.  But I finished it all and I am done for the night!

Dinner was the ultimate in comfort food.  It is freezing here and I refuse to turn on the heat yet, so I am wrapped up in a blanket and wearing 2 pairs of socks.  Nothing sounded as appetizing as hot, steaming soup!  I bought some tomato and roasted red pepper soup at Trader Joe’s last week and tonight seemed like the perfect occasion for soup and a sandwich.


The soup was perfect paired with hummus, salsa, tomato, and lettuce in a brown rice wrap.  It’s possible that this wholesome dinner was followed up with a less than wholesome my-husband’s-away-and-I’m-having-dessert treat….

I hope everyone has had a wonderful long weekend.  Mine wasn’t terribly exciting, but it was productive.  And tomorrow, I get my honey back!  He’s taking the Red Eye tonight and going straight to work in the morning.  The poor guy!  He’s been up taking nighttime shifts feeding the baby nephews all weekend, so this was not a restful get away for him.  What a guy!  (I told him that he is more than welcome to take those middle of the night shifts when it’s our turn as well!)

‘Til tomorrow!

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This is going to be a quickie post.  My eyes are glazed over after a 3 hour chemistry lab and then 2 1/2 hours of working on the calculations from the lab!  It’s so frustrating because I know that at one time, I knew how to do this!  Not anymore.  I am not feeling like the brightest bulb right now.  Thank the good Lord for my brother…he was a biology major in college and knows some chemistry too.  He’s coming to visit this weekend to tutor me in both subjects.

In between my lab and coming home to work on the calculations, I hit another farmer’s market for my statistics project research.  More organic farms that are not certified organic and more farms that use IPM (Integrated Pest Management).  When I actually analyze the data and research the terms these farmers have been throwing around, I will share the information.

Arlington, MA Farmer's Market

Arlington, MA Farmer's Market


On the way to the farmer’s market I tried another Lara Bar flavor.  The German Chocolate one.  It was good, but there were 3  whole, intact nuts.  I don’t like nuts!  I love nut butters, and I don’t mind finely chopped nuts.  But whole nuts…not so much!  I spit those out, but I enjoyed the flavor of the bar very much!

When I got home, before settling in with my chemistry, I chopped up butternut squash for a side of fries at dinner.  I even put them in the oven.  Too bad I got sucked into my chemistry and forgot to turn on the oven!!  Poor Dave got home, and I was still bent over my lab book.  He’s such a good guy…he just set to work making his own dinner, so I could concentrate just on my own gluten-free meal.

I took a brown rice tortilla and warmed it up to make it more bendable.  Cold, the wrap just wants to break when rolled.  Heated up, it rolled very nicely.  I filled it with hummus and a Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge (I had never had these before, but needed a replacement for my old standby gluten-y cheese).  I also added farmer’s market veggies….carrot, cucumber and yellow tomatoes.  I put it all in the panini maker and it was wonderful…and gluten-free!


I am really pleased with the gluten-free products I have found so far.  I am a Laughing Cow convert, and I can adapt to the different texture of a brown rice wrap.  Given that I had another tummyache-free day, I will be sticking with this, I think.

Tomorrow will definitely feature those butternut squash fries…unless I forget about them again.  They are cut and ready to go!

Have a great night everybody 🙂

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