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I feel like I am knocking on wood here, but I had another tummyache-less day today.  On Saturday, I looked several months pregnant.  This morning:


It’s either an amazing coincidence, a major placebo effect…. or I am sensitive to gluten!  I don’t know if I have Celiac or not, but I am becoming more confident that I am sensitive to gluten.

Feeling in tip top shape, I went on a tough, very hilly 8 mile run.  It doesn’t matter how tough it is though…as soon as I’m done, I feel great!

Before heading to my Biology lab, I hit yet another farmer’s market.




This was a great farmers market.  So far, Belmont and Arlington have had the most impressive markets, in terms of layout and the produce and products available.  It is really tough not to over-buy all of these beautiful fruits and vegetables.  (Remember, I am the main veggie-eater in my house!)  Today I wasn’t going to buy anything.  But I am still 2 days away from my annual apple-picking day, and I was having a major apple craving!  I bought a single apple.  It was so huge, I had to take a picture to document it!  The cottage cheese container is in the picture to offer a size comparison:


That is a serious apple!  It sat in my bag throughout my lab, taunting me.  I fought the temptation by snacking on another Lara Bar flavor.


Cashew cookie is right up there with peanut butter and jelly for me.  The nuts were finely chopped and taste was great!  I will take a break from Lara Bars this weekend, but they are a great portable snack when I have class.  I got there extra early today to prepare for the lab in the empty classroom.



When I got home, I enjoyed half of my ginormous apple, and cut up the other half to add to my salad.   My salad tonight included, farmers market carrots, 3 different kinds of farmers market tomatoes, farmers market  lettuce, and a big scoop of Cabot fat free cottage cheese.  On the side, were last night’s forgotten butternut squash fries.  I managed to remember to put them in the oven tonight….I just forgot to take them out.  Ooops!  There were a few casualties, but most were salvageable.



This salad was great!  I love all of the different tomatoes to choose from at the farmers markets.  This salad had red, yellow, and green tomato in it.  And the apple added a wonderful sweetness.  No dressing was necessary, which is good because all of the dressings I have right now have gluten in them.

Some dressings I like, but more often than not, I like to use salsa, hummus, or cottage cheese as a dressing because they add to the nutrient value of the salad.  Cabot is my favorite cottage cheese.  The texture is a little different, a little firmer than more watery cottage cheeses.  It made for a protein-packed, tasty salad!

I am excited to watch Flash Forward tonight.  I am a huge LOST fan, so I am excited to see what the creators of LOST do with this new show.

Until tomorrow….


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This is going to be a quickie post.  My eyes are glazed over after a 3 hour chemistry lab and then 2 1/2 hours of working on the calculations from the lab!  It’s so frustrating because I know that at one time, I knew how to do this!  Not anymore.  I am not feeling like the brightest bulb right now.  Thank the good Lord for my brother…he was a biology major in college and knows some chemistry too.  He’s coming to visit this weekend to tutor me in both subjects.

In between my lab and coming home to work on the calculations, I hit another farmer’s market for my statistics project research.  More organic farms that are not certified organic and more farms that use IPM (Integrated Pest Management).  When I actually analyze the data and research the terms these farmers have been throwing around, I will share the information.

Arlington, MA Farmer's Market

Arlington, MA Farmer's Market


On the way to the farmer’s market I tried another Lara Bar flavor.  The German Chocolate one.  It was good, but there were 3  whole, intact nuts.  I don’t like nuts!  I love nut butters, and I don’t mind finely chopped nuts.  But whole nuts…not so much!  I spit those out, but I enjoyed the flavor of the bar very much!

When I got home, before settling in with my chemistry, I chopped up butternut squash for a side of fries at dinner.  I even put them in the oven.  Too bad I got sucked into my chemistry and forgot to turn on the oven!!  Poor Dave got home, and I was still bent over my lab book.  He’s such a good guy…he just set to work making his own dinner, so I could concentrate just on my own gluten-free meal.

I took a brown rice tortilla and warmed it up to make it more bendable.  Cold, the wrap just wants to break when rolled.  Heated up, it rolled very nicely.  I filled it with hummus and a Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge (I had never had these before, but needed a replacement for my old standby gluten-y cheese).  I also added farmer’s market veggies….carrot, cucumber and yellow tomatoes.  I put it all in the panini maker and it was wonderful…and gluten-free!


I am really pleased with the gluten-free products I have found so far.  I am a Laughing Cow convert, and I can adapt to the different texture of a brown rice wrap.  Given that I had another tummyache-free day, I will be sticking with this, I think.

Tomorrow will definitely feature those butternut squash fries…unless I forget about them again.  They are cut and ready to go!

Have a great night everybody 🙂

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Did that title get your attention?  Explanation to come.  Let’s start with a recap of the the day…

I realized I ran 23 miles between Thursday and Sunday, so today was an easy, quick workout on the elliptical.  Then I headed to school early to make my 3rd attempt at getting my ID printed.  3 times I have tried and 3 times I either ran out of time trying to find parking or their ID machine was broken.  Today success!  I got my ID and rushed to class.  There were a couple of people already in the room sitting down waiting for class.  Then somebody walked in and announced to the rest of us that there was a sign on the door saying that class was canceled.  Ooops!  I wonder how long I would have sat there?

My entire day revolved around going to the farmer’s market opening at 2:00.  So rather than go home, where I would have had to convince myself to go back out again, I went to the library…like the diligent little student I am!  I was working on chemistry for about 30 minutes when the fire alarm went off!

Everybody out!

Everybody out!


It still wasn’t time to go to the farmer’s market yet, so I set up a little study picnic for myself.


After getting a good head start on my chemistry homework, I headed out, stopping first at Whole Foods for some more gluten-free goods.  I got a lot of good things to try!


-Corn tortillas

-Brown Rice tortillas

-Lots of Lara Bars

-Shiritaki tofu noodles

-Almond Breeze almond milk

-Cellophane rice noodles

-Spring roll rice wrappers

-Mary’s Gone Crackers

-Gluten-free pizza dough mix

-Gluten-free Tamari soy sauce

I feel like I have many choices now.  I am on day 2 gluten-free, and although I am still bloated and feel like I am still retaining water, I did not have a stomachache today!  I hesitate to even write that, but it’s true!


I was feeling pretty good as I headed off to the farmer’s market.  I ate a Lara Bar on the way.  I love Balance Bars, but they aren’t gluten-free, so I am moving on to Lara Bars.  They are gluten-free, and since they are all the rage in the blog world, I bought several.  I had the peanut butter and jelly one today.  It was great and I’m glad I bought so many of them!  I will be looking forward to trying the other flavors too.  I just wish they weren’t so expensive!


I was so excited to eat it, I forgot to photograph it until after I was done!

This is my 2nd farmer’s market in 3 days.  I said yesterday that I am visiting farmer’s markets to do research for my statistics project.  I’ve kept you in suspense, huh?!

The assignment is to come up with a question, research it, and then explain the data through statistical analysis.  I am visiting farmer’s markets asking farmers if they are organic farmers.  If they are, are they certified or do they just practice organic farming methods?  I have heard that many small farms do not have the money to become officially certified.  Some do not become certified, but instead fall into a category called “Certified Naturally Grown.”  And then there are other farmers I have found who do spray and use pesticides.  But of these farmers who spray their crops, most so far, use Integrative Pest Management, where they basically only spray if they need to.

I have a lot more research to do on what these terms mean, and I have plenty of time to do it.  However, because the farmer’s markets will close in another month, I need to get the data now.  Plenty of time to analyze it and research it later!

Of course, because I am talking to the farmers and they are taking the time to so kindly answer my questions, I feel like I need to by something from them.  But because I don’t want to end up with ridiculous amounts of produce, I have been buying just an item or 2 from the people who really take time to talk to me.

Today's loot!

Today's loot!


I know you’ve been patiently reading, waiting for the X-rated part of this post.  Well here you are:

I wanted to try out my new spring roll rice wrappers tonight, but I have no idea how to make a spring roll.  And because it was late and I was already hungry, I wasn’t up to searching out an actual recipe.  Instead, I took out lots of veggies (shredded carrot, sliced cucumber, baby spinach, diced grape tomatoes), leftover canned salmon, left over chickpeas….  And I just started stuffing.  I made 4 and when I was done, Dave started laughing hysterically saying that it looking like I had made veggie-stuffed condoms!


Two of the four. (The other 2 don't deserve to be photographed!)


They do look a bit obscene, but boy were they good.  It was like a salad in a wrapper!  Dave couldn’t resist snapping a picture that he thought was a bit vulgar!


I am actually already a bit hungry again.  It was a lot of food, but mostly vegetables.  I will look forward to making these again, but I will check out some actual recipes and learn how to roll them.  Tonight was very experimental, but it was fun (and funny!)….and my tummy still doesn’t hurt!

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