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I’m back!  What a difference a week makes…. a week ago, I was completely stressed about my Organic Chemistry final, living in a half-packed apartment, and trying to box up the remaining parts of our life.  Today, I have an A in Organic Chemistry, an almost unpacked house, and a much more relaxed mindset!

What a weekend it was!  While most people were enjoying family cookouts and fireworks, we were moving during the summer’s first heat wave.  I was dying of the heat, and I wasn’t doing any of the heavy lifting!  Dave hired my brother and a couple of his friends to help him with the major lifting….and boy oh boy, did those boys work hard!  Half of our belongings were being stored in my parents’ basement on Cape Cod, so Dave’s day began by driving down to the Cape for U-Haul load # 1.  Then he drove back to Boston (no AC in the truck), and took 3 loads of furniture from the apartment to the house.  I don’t know how they did it!  Just look at the “couch debacle”!  It took four guys a very long time to negotiate their way out of the apartment with this one piece of furniture…..

…..and then try to get it through the door of the house!

It was quite the production!  There is something unsettling about seeing all of your worldly possessions sitting out in a parking lot.

Amazingly, thanks to the heavy lifting these guys did, and the help of my mom, who went above and beyond, it all got done.  In the process, we lost a leg off off our dining table, but the nice folks at Bernie and Phyl’s Furniture, are sending us a replacement leg because the table is still under warranty and it shouldn’t have broken so easily.  (Because I love when companies are helpful and have good customer service, I will put in a plug for Bernie and Phyl’s to all those living in the MA/NH area….they were very helpful during a very stressful time.)  The whole move was a challenge but I think it was the broken table that pushed Dave over the edge in saying, “we will never move ourselves again!”  I’m on board for that.  I am a big fan of hiring movers!

In the end, I love our house and I am so happy to be here!  There’s still quite a bit to put away, but we couldn’t have asked for a house that was more ready to be moved into.  No major work to do.  Just unpacking.  I’ve taken a few pictures and will post them soon.

To celebrate having this move behind us, we broke out our little grill that was off limits for the last year of apartment living.  I can’t wait to get a big, full-size grill, but for now, our little mini-grill was a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th!  Dave made burgers (a veggie burger for me) and corn, and we sat out on our new porch to enjoy it with a side of juicy watermelon!

I put my burger in a wrap…..wraps hold more toppings!  🙂

It has been so hot since we moved in that I haven’t used the stove yet at all.  I love my new kitchen (and promise to post pictures), but with 100 degree temperatures, I am just not feeling like cooking too much.  After out 4th of July cookout, I have stuck to nice cool salads and leftover watermelon.

It has been quite the week!  I am tired, but feeling so much better to have so much stress behind us!  Chemistry is over and I only have Anatomy, a much more low key course, to think about now.  I feel like I can really enjoy our new house now that chemistry is over.  I can also jump back into the blog world.  I cleaned out hundreds of posts from my google reader today.  There is just no way I can catch up!  But I am looking forward to reading, commenting, and posting more regularly again.  I’ve missed you all!  🙂

With a little less stress in my life, I can also start in on Baby G’s nursery soon.  Our furniture has arrived and I just have to schedule the delivery!  Its so exciting!   I will leave you with a 27 week belly picture taken in our new back yard.  That’s 8 pounds of belly and I am definitely feeling my center of gravity shifting.  By the end of each day, the pregnant waddle sets it.  I’m sure I’m quite a hoot to look at!

It’s great to be back online!  I’m looking forward to catching up with all of you!  Stay tuned for pictures of the new house!  🙂


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Its 4am, but given that I have found no time to say hi at any other time of day, I am logging in bright and early.  I am always up this early Monday through Thursday, when I have class.  But usually, I like to ease my way into the day by just reading the news, checking Babycenter updates, and reading some of your posts.  Its early to write coherently!  But its been a week since I have posted anything and I don’t want anyone to think I have abandoned blogging with no explanation.  I have simply been living chemistry from morning to night!

My finish line is in sight….. tomorrow is my final (I am so nervous!), and then this weekend, we move!  I have another course that has just started, but it is on-line and will be much less demanding.  So by this time next week, I will be in full nesting mode, trying to unpack and settle into our new home.

Last weekend I spent 8 hours each day working on chemistry labs and assignments.  In 4 years of college and 3 years of graduate school, this has been, by far, the most stressful course I have ever taken.  Being pregnant, in a hot lab for 3 hour stretches twice a week has not been fun at all!  Planning for a baby and buying/moving into a new house on top of it, has had me in quite the frenzy. And those hormones coursing through me don’t help matters!

Fortunately, I have amazing, supportive people around me.  Dave has been packing bit by bit every weekend. And then last weekend, while I studied, my mom came up and packed up my entire kitchen!  On Saturday, they both carried (I’m estimating here) 30-40 boxes up a flight of stairs from our apartment to their cars, and brought a total of 4 carloads over to the new house.  That will make this weekend’s furniture move easier to manage.  I can’t do any heavy lifting anyway right now.  But I literally did not lift a finger the entire weekend.  I studied while they passed by with boxes, sweating in the 85 degrees and humidity. This weekend, we’ll even have the support (and the muscles) of my brother to help in the heavy lifting!  I am so thankful to him for taking this time, as he has just started a new graduate program this week!

I cannot even put into words how  grateful I am to Dave and to my mom.  I love you both so much and I thank you for supporting me, loving me, and (particularly Dave) putting up with my emotions and general grumpiness.  This class is almost over, and without the intense stress, I think I can get a handle on the hormones!  🙂

I will try to post again on Friday, before I lose internet for the weekend.  I owe you all (or at least my family) some belly pictures!  Hopefully, Comcast will get everything up and running right away after the long weekend, and I will be back to blogging more consistently on Tuesday.

Forgive me for mot commenting too much.  I miss knowing what is going on in all of your lives and I am looking forward to catching up next week.  Thank you for all of the kind comments and emails.  I have a wonderful family, and a great community of bloggers getting me through this!

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