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This weekend was such a tease! For one, it was beautiful spring-like weather in the middle of February.  We all know that there just has to be a snow storm on the horizon!  And on top of that, I had so much studying I needed to do that we had made no plans to get out and enjoy the weather.  So I sat inside with my books and notes, watching sunshine-deprived neighbors walking around outside and playing with their dogs in the grass.


Now that I have you all feeling sorry for me, I’ll show you why you don’t have to pity me…

I put away all of my notes on bacteria and viruses to enjoya show I have been loooking forward to seeing for years!  It was a perfect Christmas present.  Thanks Dave!  This was probably the most artistic show, with the most beautiful choreography and costuming that I’ve ever seen.  Story-wise and music-wise, there are other shows I like more, but from the standpoint of staging this show, I was beyond impressed!   The way the brought the animals to life required such creativity.  I was in awe!

Any other musical theater fans out there?  I think my favorite shows are Mamma Mia and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Both shows have such energy and the music is invigorating and fun!

In addition to our night on the town, I also managed to eat pretty well too!  My Friday night pizza did not disappoint.  I have been using Chebe products to make my pizza dough.  But this week I was craving the polenta crust I discovered when I first went gluten-free.  This polenta pizza I topped with peppers, artichokes, spinach, and soy crumbles.  Perfection!

I have been on a real spinach kick lately, adding it to anything I can think of!  Here I mixed it in with some egg beaters that I put on 2 slices of gluten-free bread with tomato and Laughing Cow.  Great combination!

I also made a huge spinach salad with cottage  cheese (its mixed with salsa, which is why its read!).  A favorite meal has become a big salad paired with squash.  Goes together so well!

And because I hadn’t had enough spinach in the last 48 hourse, I added some more to my shirataki noodles tonight.  Along with some crispy baked eggplant (dipped in egg and crushed rice chex cereal)!

I have put away my microbiology notes for the night.  Time to join all my boys on the couch for some Olympic updates and a date with our DVR!

And before I go, a reminder to check out Kristen’s giveaway of Newman’s Own goods at Change of Pace.

Have a great end to the weekend.  I hope it was beatiful and warm wherever you are…and that you got to go out and enjoy it!!


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