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For finals, that is.  I spend 7 hours just on statistics yesterday!  In fact, the only break I took from school work was a mid-morning 10 miler.  When it is 65 degrees in Boston in December (!!!), you have to take advantage of the weather and get outside.  It was a great run, out and back on the Minuteman bike trail.  But with 40 mile/hour wind gusts, my 5 miles back were tough.  I felt like I was running in place at a couple points!

The run cleared my head and as alwasy, I felt renewed.  The feeling didn’t last though.  By the time Dave got home from work, I was completely stressed, and by 8:00, the the tears had started.  But just after 9, I hit “submit” on my chapter test (95 % baby!), and I crashed!  Blogging was just not going to happen.

I ate a very yummy wrap for dinner at my computer last night.  I had some leftover eggplant slices, so I spread some laughing cowcheese and marinara sauce on a brown rice wrap, along with the eggplant, and heated it all up.  It was delicious!  I just wish I hadn’t been so distracted while I was eating it.

This wrap rolled really well.  I have had a lot of trouble with these gluten-free wraps breaking when I try to roll them.  The directions say to warm them, but even when I have done that, several of them have broken when I have bent them to roll.   I had left the package in the freezer, and I think that might be the key.  I’ll be curious to see how the last one in this frozen package bends and rolls.

Today, I did some Christmas ordering on-line (always takes longer than anticipated!) and bought another couple gifts at the store.  I want to get all of the shopping done ASAP because I know things will get even crazier the closer I get to finals.

After my chemistry lecture, I hunkered down to work on biology.  I have a huge assignment due on Tuesday, which will take most of the weekend.  And I also have a project to begin for statistics.  Ahhhh!  I tried to relax a bit with a cup of tea.  I tried Truvia for the first time in my tea.  I thought it was quite good.  I didn’tnotice an aftertaste.  My tea was plesantly sweet!

Truvia is made of stevia and is said to be all natural.  What do you think of Truvia as a sweetener? I have nothing against sugar, and believe me, I get enough sugar!  But I like to minimize the calories in things I drink.  I have used Splenda in the past, but my stash is finally gone, and I am trying to use it less frequently.

Dinner tonight was something I haven’t had for quite some time.  And I don’t know why because I was reminded how much I love it!  I recently wrote a guest post for Green Dog Wine about my gluten-free polenta pizza.  It was posted just this past week, but it’s been a good month since I made my pizza.  I did the same thing this time, thinly slicing a roll of polenta, and topping the slices with tomato sauce and mozzerella and parmesan.  It was wonderful!

One the side, I tried out something Melissa has mentioned a couple of times.  She has bought broccoli slaw, cooked it, and topped it with marinara.  She claimed that it tasted like pasta!  I didn’t really believe it, but  I couldn’t find broccoli slaw to try it for myself.  When I saw it in the store the other day, I grabbed a bag.  Because pasta is not allowed on my gluten-free diet, and because pasta is one of my very favorite things, I have been trying all sorts of replacements.  I love speghetti squash.  Rice pasta is oaky.  And I have gotten used to shirataki noodles too.  And now….I have another replacement!  Melissa, it was great!  Thanks!  I’ll make a bigger bowl next time and bulk it up with some chickpeas and some other veggies.  Yum!

What was the latest food discovery you have made?

I am done with biology fo rthe night and ready to join all my boys on the couch (one human boy and 2 feline boys!).  Flash Forward from last night is on tap!


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Saturday sure was a wash out in terms of weather!  But it gave me no excuse but to buckle down and plow through a lot of the Biology work I have gotten behind in.  I even took my book with me to the treadmill.  It is really hard to do more than look at the pictures in a magazine while running.  But I manged to make some sense of Mitosis and pound out 7 miles before heading back to my little study cubby.  This is where I have been living most of my waking hours:


My sweet husband even went out in the pouring rain to the grocery store so that I wouldn’t have to!  And he did such a good job!  He only called once with a question!  He gets so flustered in the grocery store.  Talk about a fish out of water!  But he’s getting braver.  When he makes a grocery run, I put one “challenge” item on the list just to make him get a little more comfortable.  He found exactly the right tea I asked for.  I was so proud!  All kidding aside, I have the most wonderful husband in the world….He’s is home for only a couple of days between back to back business trips and he spent part of his afternoon making a trip to the store for me.

Thank goodness for Melissa and Melissa, who I had made dinner plans with last night.  Otherwise, I may not have moved from my cubby.  I don’t know what happened to the day yesterday, but all of a sudden it was 5:30.  I was still at the computer, and more importantly, I was still in my sweats with my hair disheveled.  After a quick transformation, I was out the door and on my way to Nourish, in Lexington, MA.  I had been to the restaurant once before and really enjoyed it.  They buy their ingredients locally and and work with small businesses and small farms in the area.  Click on the link and read about their mission.  I think it’s really admirable.  And the food is good too!

I was really excited to meet up with the two Melissas.  I loved meeting one Melissa a few weeks ago….2 Melissas must be even better, right?  Absolutely right!  What a great evening with new friends!  We had lots to talk about, from blog how-tos, to life in general.


I ordered a small bowl of chili  and a salad with salmon.  It was just what I needed on a cold, stormy night.




There was some gluten in my chili in the form of bulgar, but it was so good, I threw caution to the wind.  And to avoid extra gluten, I left the dressing off of the salad.  It didn’t need it.  The salad was so fresh, the the salmon cooked so perfectly, the dressing wasn’t necessary.

Our waitress got a little confused about the Melissas orders, but she quickly exchanged their plates with what they originally asked for.  I could never be a waitress!  I have a lot of patience for wait staff because I think it has to be a very hard and thankless job.

It was a great night!  Thank you to the Melissas for rescuing me from further studying.  It was good to have a end point when I had to be done and when I had to sort of put myself together a little bit.  Unfortunately, poor Dave only saw the disheveled mess!  I came home and went right back into my sweats!  But he understands, “couch time” must be in sweats!  We relaxed with the kitties and watched “Flash Forward” before heading to bed.  My evening was definitely more fun than the day!

I have a fun Sunday night dinner I want to make.  (Dave is nervous!) I think I will end up posting it tomorrow, so make sure to check back!

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I would like to direct your attention over to Heather’s blog, Runleangreen.  While Heather is away at a conference, I wrote a guest post for her all about my trials and tribulations with IBS.  It’s a good read…I promise!

I also have very little to report today.  I had a Chemistry lecture this morning that left me completely confused, so instead of moving on to my mountain of Biology work, I spent all afternoon trying to decipher my chem notes.  So frustrating!  To add to that, I tried to register for spring courses, and the message I got was “your account is on hold.”  What?!  I looked right back in my bank statements and it’s right there…payed in full on August 4th.  So I call the registrar’s office.  They direct me to student accounts.  I get disconnected.  You see where this is going?  I call again.  No answer!  So I left a detailed voice message….and I’m still waiting for a call back.  If I get shut out of a class I need because of a mistake on their end, I am going to be really annoyed!

Well, that was therapeutic!  Honestly, I have nothing to complain about.  I knew that these subjects would be hard.  If it were easy (and cheap!), I would have done this years ago.  I feel very lucky to be doing what I’m doing.

I’ve been trying to get ahead while Dave’s been away.  I made some progress, but not enough to have a free weekend.  I am still going to let myself off the hook by 7 to relax for a bit.

I will leave you with a look at my tasty lunch.  Shiritaki noodles (washed thoroughly to get the smell out!), marinara sauce, shrimp and parmesan.  Eaten with a side of  exothermic reactions and enthalpy!


Now head on over and check out my post on Heather’s blog!!

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The creative juices aren’t flowing tonight.  My mind is mush after the second day of working on my Biology midterm.  But I got it done, along with my chem lab from last week and my lab prep for tomorrow.  Phew!  All I can say, is thank goodness for leftovers!

I threw some mac and cheese on the stove for Dave and used last night’s veggies and squash in a yummy panini for me.  It turned out really well!  I am getting the hang of these brown rice wraps.  The key is to heat them up first, otherwise, they crack instead of roll.

I spread some hummus and Laughing Cow cheese on my wrap, added some lettuce and the veggies, along with some tomato, and threw it in the panini maker.  Perfection!


Look at that melty goodness!

As soon as I finished, look who showed up on the arm of my chair:


He saw immediately that he was out of luck, and seconds later, look where he popped up:


No luck there either!


Some kitties have no manners!!

I am ready to unwind for the night.  It was a busy, busy day, but I’m feeling very productive.  It wasn’t looking good this morning around 10am though.  I was tired and frustrated.  But in between chemistry and biology I went for a great run on the treadmill.  It woke me up and revved me up to keep going.  Exercise is great that way!  When I came home I was even more productive, vacuuming the apartment and finishing my exam.  2 big chores out of the way!

I refueled with something I have been dying to try….The lovely Melissa bought me such a sweet gift when we met up last weekend.  I was so excited to try Barney Butter for the first time!



Good Lord!  What have I been missing!  I know that for most bloggers who hopped on the Barney Butter Bus long ago, the novelty may have worn off.  But for me, the first time on the “Bus” was very exciting.  Smooth, rich, creamy.  Everything a nut butter should be!  It isn’t necessarily in the budget, but perhaps when  I am really good…..like when I ace my chemistry test next week…I’ll treat myself to a jar.  Thanks again, Melissa!!

No more work to do tonight.  The house is clean and the dishes are done thanks to my sweet husband who washes them every night….and with a smile on his face, no less!


I'm a lucky girl!


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A big thank you to everyone who sent me support and pep talks after last night’s post.  I had just reached my limit in terms of trying to take in new information.  I needed a break, so I turned off the computer and watched Sunday’s “Desperate Housewives” while comfort eating more ice cream than I needed.  Waking up to so many supportive comments really helped me to take a fresh look at everything.

I got a lot accomplished.  I tidied up my chem. lab report, studied my medical terminology, and spent 5 hours on statistics. And somewhere in there, I vacuumed the apartment!

Lunch was well earned and very yummy!  In a brown rice tortilla, I put Laughing Cow cheese, a scrambled egg, tomato, and lettuce.  Then I put it in the panini maker.  I am getting used to the brown rice tortillas.  They are definitely a different texture, but actually quite good in their own way.


While I was working hard all afternoon, Jack did this:


He followed the sun as it moved across the floor.  It’s a rough life he leads!

After four hours of stats practice, I felt confident enough to take this week’s quiz.  While taking my the test,  I was hopping up to the kitchen and back to monitor my vegetables in the oven.  Thankfully, my test didn’t suffer from being slightly distracted…I got a 94%!  I rock!

I had a lot of veggies to cook up, so I made a huge pan of roasted vegetables to use throughout the week.  I also made my version of egg plant parmesan.  Because I am still finding success in abstaining from gluten, I dipped my agg plant slices in egg and then in ground flax seed (instead of bread crumbs).  It was healthier, and I think I liked the crispiness of the flaxseed crust better.  I served my eggplant with shiritaki noodles and marinara sauce mixed with a scoop of the roasted vegetables.


I stacked the egg plant slices, after they had baked, and sandwiched ricotta cheese in the middle before putting back in the oven for another 5-10 minutes.  It was a yummy addition!

For Dave, my gluten-loving hubby, I roasted some potatoes with salt and pepper (at the same time as the veggies), cooked up some corn from the farmers market, and topped some chicken (that I had cooked the other night) with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.  There may have been a couple of crescent rolls as well…


Right now, I am baking another apple.  I think I have it down now.  I’ll take a picture and post it tomorrow.

I have a couple other things I want to make this week.  After reading about Melissa’s stuffed peppers, I know what my remaining pepper is destined for!  I also want to try this again:


When my brother was visiting, the boys got Chinese food.  So I mad myself some spring rolls.  I was so impressed, I can’t wait to make them again.  I shredded some carrot, summer squash,and zucchini, added some tomato and tuna, and heated it all up with some Asian spices sprinkled in.  Then I stuffed for rice wrappers with the mixture.  Dipped in some gluten-free Tamari soy sauce, they were amazing!


I love days like this where I actually feel like I got somewhere in chipping away at my to-do list.  It’s a good feeling!  Thank you again to all of you and to my wonderful husband for helping me to make a fresh start today!

What do you do when you need to recharge?  Anything in particular that helps you destress? Exercise is a biggie for me.  Good tv, snuggled with my honey, is also at the top of my list!  (Then there is the excessive consumption of ice cream that occurs from time to time!)

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Today was an unremarkable day. Studying, 3 hours of chemistry lab, followed by more studying. Even dinner was uninspired!


2 Trader Joe’s vegetable egg rolls and a banana. There was a good deal of undocumented PMS munchiness prior to this in case anyone is worried that I am not eating enough or my dinner isn’t well balanced. Stress + PMS + procrastination = snacky Shannon!

There would have been nothing else to say about this day….until just a few minutes ago…

Dave, of course, had crescent rolls with his dinner. We make the whole roll (8 in all), he eats, 2, and then the rest go in the fridge to be reheated at future meals. Tonight we made a new batch. He ate 2 with dinner, as always, and the remaining 6 we left out to cool before wrapping them up to put in the fridge. We took a walk and came back to a very guilty animal leaping down from the counter!

Immediately, we noticed that there were bite marks out of one crescent roll. But then, at the same time, we realized there was further damage. I shrieked, “please tell me you ate 4 tonight?!”

Note the chunk missing from the one in the upper left corner...

There were 6 here when we left...

Not only was one half eaten, but 2 whole crescent rolls were gone! Rudy got a stern talking to:


"Look at me when I'm talking to you!"

Rudy did not seem particularly remorseful.

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you how my little trouble makers had ripped through a bag of hamburger buns.


Some people assumed it was Jack who was the ring leader because of his food addiction. But when it comes to bread, it’s all Rudy! He looks so innocent….


Stupid question of the day:

I wasted more time than I care to admit, trying to figure out how to get the FoodBuzz Featured Publisher widget onto my blog. I can’t figure it out! The directions FoodBuzz sent seem so simple, but I can’t figure it out. I had hoped that when I signed up for the program the widget would automatically appear…Ha! More technology for me to figure out! Anybody know how to add this widget to a wordpress blog? I went to the widget section, but didn’t know what to do once there. I am pitiful when it come to computers!

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I had my first long run since July today! I did 8.5 miles in 84 minutes. I started off with a 9:30 pace, but half way in, I slowed down to a 9:40-9:50 pace. It felt good to finish. Completing the half marathon in mid October feels doable now. My stamina was great and I could have definitely continued today if I had water, my sports beans, and less fear of reinjuring myself. I could feel the tightness in my left quad most of the way. Not a horrible pain, but a tightness. It’s frustrating that it’s still there, but it’s getting better. The additions of the foam roller and the new shoes (that fit!) have made a difference!

I have my first assignments for Biology and Statistics, so I got a head start today. I read with ice on my legs, and then moved to the floor where I rolled back and forth on the foam roller!  (Mental note: It is hard to take notes while rolling back and forth!)

Tomorrow I am spending the afternoon with an old college friend. I can’t wait to see her! But because I will be busy all afternoon, I prepped tomorrow’s dinner tonight. Here’s a preview:


All I have to do is pop it in the oven (and make Dave’s crescent rolls). I even prepped a salad!

Dinner tonight featured this:


Trader Joe's Wild Salmon Patties

And this:

Butternut Squash Fries

Butternut Squash Fries

I bought regular old white hamburger buns because I know that’s what Dave prefers (I choose my battles…tonight’s battle was butternut squash!). I considered having my salmon burger on a bed of lettuce. But what I really wanted was a real hamburger bun with all the fixin’s. I realized that I would feel cheated and resentful if I deprived myself of the bun.  So I didn’t…and it was wonderful!

Before considering the “bun or no bun” question, I was already feeling a little cheated in preparing this meal.  I was making an ear of corn for Dave and no corn for me. Corn is one of the vegetables that is the harshest on my stomach, so I decided to forgo the corn this time. Sometimes the things I have to avoid for the sake of IBS make me really sad…and grumpy.

In the end, however, dinner was very good and left me satisfied!


Check out the 2 different tomatoes from Verill Farm!  That's 4 kinds of tomato this week!

Check out the 2 different tomatoes from Verill Farm! That's 4 kinds of tomato this week!

I figure there is a lot of good stuff going on on that plate. One white-bread bun that leaves me satsfied is a-okay!

Dave got his crescent rolls, but he also got some good, healthy salmon, butternut squash and corn. Not bad!


And he liked it too!

Good night everyone! 🙂

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